Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I want to extrapolate upon my message of yesterday and wish to speak about the contradictions between the mind and the soul. For each of you carry many contradictions within your minds that do not complement or agree with the perceptions of the soul. Your minds are filled with many ideas and thoughts, memories and habits that you have accumulated over your years of existing upon the Earth plane. In this existence you have absorbed so much information and have cultivated so many ideas and have ingrained so many habits of thought that it would be difficult to discern the complexities of these thought patterns within your mind. So you live with these patterns that repeat themselves time and time again in your response to life.

Yet, within your soul there is a great impetus to be transformed, to release those conditions that are not in harmony with love. In a way, you are tending two gardens; one in which you allow the weeds to grow profusely and the other, you are tending and removing those weeds within the garden of your soul. So, these two ways of being continue to contradict one another and to cause tension within you. It is the habit of the mind to ignore these contradictions and to carry on in ways that are comfortable and do not challenge greatly your behaviors and expressions in life.

I am not suggesting that you make little effort in this, but the challenge is great and often the effort is not. Because within your mind these reflexive responses to life crop up easily and these weeds continue to proliferate. Often they come unbidden and allowed by your conscious self to be expressed as a flow of your personality and your mindful condition. This requires a great deal of discipline in order to apprehend the thought before it is even present within your conscious self.

We have been encouraging you to do so. To not allow the judgments, the erroneous beliefs, the unloving thoughts to enter into your mind as they are apt to do, not only with you but humanity in general. This is a great challenge for all of you. When these erroneous thoughts crop up within you, often you feel a sense of guilt, of shame, of remorse, many emotions of the mind that indicate that you are a soul who is not in harmony. Yet within your soul you are in the harmony with God. Within your soul is a beautiful harmony and connection with your Creator, a loving flow that comes from your soul.

When that expression of soul meets the expression of mind there is a sort of compromise, a melding of the two that does not bring forth the pure and beautiful expression of the soul. Rather, it is a blending of light so that the light of the soul is somewhat compromised by the condition of the mind. This is not always the case, but it is often the case. The expression is not a pure outcome of soul condition, but it is of light to some extent. It is your choice as to how that expression comes through in your lives, your conscious selves, as you interact with your daily experiences.

We understand how difficult this is, for each of us have lived upon the Earth plane. Each who have progressed to the Celestial Heavens understand the challenges of the earthly life. So we have great compassion for your predicament, especially in the world at present which is so intensely out of harmony with God. It is difficult indeed to resist the influence and flow of these earthly conditions that are all about you.

This is why it is so easy for you to allow the negativity of the mind to infiltrate so readily your expression of soul. It is so much easier for you to see another’s flaws and vulnerabilities. It is so easy to see in the world what is obviously out of harmony and not in harmony with love. It is so easy to judge. Yet, we have asked you to walk upon this Divine Path which is a way and expression of love. Love embraces, accepts, does not judge. Love is humble. Love is expansive and beautiful. Love is the antidote to darkness, to judgment and all manner of mindful conditions that have evolved over a great many years of the human existence to be powerful expressions in daily life.

You have committed yourselves to be an example and channel of love. As you continue to grow and mature and your souls expand in love, so this contradiction of mind and soul continues to bedevil you and cause you problems. We in the Celestial Kingdom, we who are with you to support you and uplift you, do what we can to help you neutralize these conditions and thought patterns so that you may be in Light, so that you may be in harmony, so that you may express love.

It has been easier of late because you are not engaged so much in the human condition. Your lives are simpler. Your challenges are easier. You are more prone to be in prayer, to be in harmony with your soul. But these conditions will not last forever and you will be compelled to go out into the world as God’s channels of love. While you are still within this cocoon of Light, I would urge you to consider your own mental patterns and reflexive responses to daily challenges, to consider what is required to be disciplined in your actions, in your thoughts, so that love is expressed and not contradicted by the thoughts of your mind that are not in harmony with love.

This discipline is required. It is necessary for if you are to be a true and clear channel of God’s Love, so this must be through all of your being, expressed purely and beautifully through your mind and your soul. God will not contradict your free will. God will not waive His Hand and make all that is not in harmony within you healed and rectified by the Grace of God. No, my beloved souls, you must do your part, make these efforts and be responsible for your own thoughts and actions.

This is a basic Law and Truth of life. Honesty and integrity are important. Being thoughtful in loving ways, expressing yourselves in loving ways, empowering those thoughts within your mind that are in harmony with love these things you must do, for God cannot. We may assist you and inspire you, we may guide you and teach you, but we cannot do for you what it is imperative that you do for yourself. These tests, these trials, these tribulations that come with life assist you in growing in light and love, provided you make those choices that bring forth light and love.

This is not an easy path, beloved souls. It is the highest path, the path towards God’s Love which is the highest of all blessings. In this blessing within your soul, it is clear to us and hopefully to yourselves that the power of love is transforming your soul. It is now time for the power of love to transform your mind that you may relinquish your hold on old patterns and ways of thought that do not serve your soul nor do they serve your desire to be a channel of love in the world.

This may be the most difficult challenge of all for as you live in this world, so you must resist the great waves of darkness that continue to engulf your world. It requires  great strength,  great resolve, to walk in light of this way. As you continue to forge these relationships with many others and nurture them, so God gives you the opportunity to make those choices towards love and acceptance and to put aside judgment and resistance, to be clear in your ways and means of expression, to be a beautiful example of love, to walk with integrity, to be that clear channel that God desires of all of you.

Every day brings its challenges. Every day brings its opportunities to work beyond those barriers created almost exclusively by your mind. For those of you who have walked this path for many years, I say that much of those conditions, encrustations of the soul have been released. Your soul shines bright, is beautiful. But you cannot expect the light of your soul to totally engulf your mindful states and resolve these issues with ease and grace.

I would say in time this would be true. But unfortunately, as conditions accelerate, changes in your world come to the fore, we are in great need of you now. We require that you make great effort to be in the condition of light and love that will help facilitate change in the world, will help us, will help God to enact this great plan for the salvation of humanity. So we must urge you to come forward with great concern and intention that you might overcome the barriers of mind and allow your mind to capitulate to your soul. In this way, harmony will come, light will be expressed through every part of you and love will be the foundation of all things in your life.

These are serious times, beloved souls, serious times indeed. It is time to step forward as we have encouraged you to do for some years now. It is time to be the beautiful soul that you are, expressed in all ways and means, gifts, capacities, that are of love, in harmony with God’s Laws of Love. This is not impossible. This is not asking too much. It is asking what is required from each of you; to walk in the Grace of God’s Love, to be fully present in this Grace, to express yourselves clearly, beautifully in it and to be God’s instruments on Earth, not only within your soul but within your mind, all melding together in harmony.

It is for you to unlock that door, the door of resistance, the door of habit, the door that holds within you those hidden parts that continue to embrace the mind in error and disharmony.. At times you are very discouraged and find it difficult to change these old habits. But I tell you, through prayer and intention, through effort, through our assistance, God’s Touch upon you, it will and can be done in good time.

Please consider what is required, because the time is short, beloveds. We wish to have strong and clear instruments in the world to lead, to teach, to assist the lost souls to find their way. This is something you have committed yourselves to, not only at some point in your life, but before you were even incarnated, you had taken on this purpose. It is time to fully embrace this commitment and to be the beautiful souls that you truly are.

God bless you beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I wish to say to you all that you are deeply loved, that you are beautiful, and that you have great potential to truly be God’s channels of Love in the world; effective, powerful, wonderful. What you have accomplished to-date is merely the forerunner of what is to come. Be prepared, be strong, be in the Love of God. God bless you. My love this with you. God bless you.