Online Circles of Light

Online Circles of Light provide an opportunity for spiritual seekers around the world who do not have a local Divine Love community to pray with. Please subscribe below to receive a weekly calendar which provides log in information for 5 – 7 unique Online Circles a week.

If you are interested in joining us for group prayer, check out this video:

Online Circles of Light hosted by Jeanne and Al 3 times a week, are sponsored by retired broadcaster Brooke Folk of Divine Love Radio from Meyersdale, Pennsylvania via the Zoom platform. Simply download the free Zoom app and subscribe to the Online Mailchimp group to receive up to date notices, reminders and login information. 

LightBringers – Connecting and Serving in Divine Love

LightBringers is a new global community connecting those who feel called to ask for Divine Love, live in harmony with Divine Love, and serve according to their unique gifts.

LightBringers started in the Fall of 2020 when Chuck Bloodgood, the Chief Architect of an I.T. company living in Austin, Texas, contacted Al and Jeanne Fike. Chuck had been feeling prompted to connect for several months. A man of faith all his life, Chuck had been following the Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation (DLSF) for a couple of years. Chuck, Al, and Jeanne started having weekly conversations.

After a few weeks, Al and Jeanne acted on guidance to invite Lorraine Borchers (Bend, Oregon), a retired administrator at a large university, and Bill Frase (Monroeville, Pennsylvania), another talented visionary and capable administrator. We continued weekly conversations to facilitate the groundswell of connections with other Divine Love followers stepping up to share the reality, truth, and power of Divine Love in collaborative and creative ways.

Each week we receive messages of encouragement and inspiration from the Celestial angels, affirming that God is calling souls together to share their gifts, creations, and ministries. The calling received by our small group reflects a growing desire in many to bring more love and light into the world.

Over forty Divine Love followers have attended LightBringers information sessions since December 2020. Over the past few months, different LightBringers have formed groups and teams around needs like welcoming and supporting newcomers, website development, children and family support, addictions, healing, Circles of Light, Divine Love learning opportunities, and sharing our Divine Love journeys. Through these and many yet-to-be-discovered possibilities, we want to help humanity know the way to soul-transformation through Divine Love, now and always.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a powerful catalyst, bringing together many people on Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. We have a historic opportunity to attract and invite many more people to experience Divine Love and support one another as we do so. We see more and more people connecting, sharing, and expressing their unique gifts in service of God’s plan for all.

Join us! There’s plenty of room for all who want to help others experience God’s Love. Connect with us to explore and realize many more Divinely-inspired possibilities to bring the Light of God’s Love to the world!

For more information, please email us at 

The LightBringers Board
Chuck Bloodgood
Lorraine Borchers, Secretary
Al Fike, Treasurer
Jeanne Fike
Bill Frase, President

As our divine love online circle of light group continues to grow, we have received requests from wonderful visiting mediums offering to channel messages from their spirit guides during our Online Circles of Light.

While we believe more mediums are needed to bring light into the world, we are not able to accept kind offers from other mediums at this time.

We work closely, in partnership with a band of Celestial Angels which is overseen by our beloved Teacher, Keea-atta-Kem.  It has taken many years of prayer and mediumship development to establish a deep rapport with our guides. Keea and our Celestial Teachers have told us they have a line up of Angels and a program of Teachings to bring through, which depends on the collective spiritual condition of those present in each circle.

We would be pleased to assist other mediums in establishing their own Online Circles of Light as we do encourage LightBringers of every faith, culture and spiritual practice to bring more light into the world.

Please note that schedules are subject to change during retreats and while Jeanne and Al are travelling.  Therefore we encourage everyone to subscribe to MailChimp to be kept informed of any changes. Online Circles of Light are broadcast live while on location in different parts of the world.

A Celestial Angel is assigned to pray with each participant — who is open to receiving their help — to the inflowing of God’s Divine Love.  Prayer requests are welcome.  The spiritual power generated by the group is as powerful as it we are all praying together in the same room!

Original painting by Autumn Skye 

LightBringers is a global effort to infuse our world with Light and Love by engaging in heartfelt simultaneous prayer through the free What’s App platform. 

You are invited to join a global effort to infuse our world with Light and Love through engaging in passionate, heartfelt simultaneous prayer with others around the world!

This prayer network is powered using the FREE WhatsApp chat platform that allows members to coordinate their prayer efforts.

Our world is in great need, and we can all contribute to the cause of increasing light, love, peace, and healing for humanity and for our precious planet. Prayer is powerful. Praying together with one heart and mind for the highest and best increases the power of our prayers many times over. Praying together in this way also strengthens the bonds of love that we share as brothers and sisters made in the image of our Precious and Beloved Creator.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining us, please submit your name and mobile number with the country code to Bill Frase at

Portals of Light – Bridging Heaven and Earth

Throughout the many years of messages received from our angel friends, it has become well understood that prayer is one of the most powerful tools in mankind’s possession.  With deep intentions, holding our thoughts on the most high, and earnest longings of our souls, prayers for a specific request are generated in the right conditions that bring about a response and blessing from God.  As we pray for light to bless our world, loving energy is broadcast out into creation, generating the fuel to help maintain this network of light.  For it is God whom has called for this network to take form, such that it shall aid in His Plan for the salvation of mankind, and it is His angels who build it now. 

Two intricate components of this network are Portals of Light and the Lattice of Light.  Portals of Light are mechanisms for communication, and have the effect of bringing the flow of blessings from God, to the Earth Plane in a concentrated form.  Humans cannot build these portals, as we simply do not have the capacity, nor ability to construct such devices.  Thus, it is the labor of love from our angel friends who build these portals, portals that must first be conferred by God before their establishment.  Therefore, to relate this context in a modern way of thinking, Portals act very much like bridges.  A bridge is a structure that spans the gap between two separate lands, creating a connection from one side to the other that did not exist before.  These Portals of Light act in a very similar way, spanning the divide between the Heavens and the Earth.  As they are established, a deep and concentrated abundance of light, healing and blessings come to many, many souls. 

As stated previously, God must confer the establishment of each Portal of Light in the world.  Some portals are temporary in nature, while others are meant to be fixtures of a more permanent stature.  Temporary portals may come about during a Circle of Light prayer, establishing a concentrated flow of God’s Love and Blessings to the group.  It is important for the group members to concentrate and focus their love on the medium during these sessions, such that the energies required to make a rapport with the angels is at its greatest potential.  Once the rapport is established, these portals are made possible by the efforts our angel friends, as each member of the circle receives a Celestial Angel to pray with, and uplift them, and in the center of the circle will usually stand a Celestial Angel, praying deeply for this portal to open up.  As these portals are established the group may receive a deep inflowing of God’s Love, blessings and healing.

The other type of portals the earth plane can experience are the more permanent type, and these are indeed a great blessing to our world, though they are a gift not easily attained.  Permanent Portals of Light are made of energy, and they do indeed have a substance to them that includes a material element.  The energy within these portals are sustained by our prayers and by our desires.  If maintained, these portals bring greater light and blessings to the world, but do require our sincere prayers and intentions to keep them active.  Therefore, to have the possibility of sustained existence, each portal requires a soul, or souls, to take responsibility over the prayerful support for its continuance.  If not maintained, these portals become inactive and deconstructed.  Prayers are the energy that fuel the continuance of each Portal of Light, and it is God’s Will that more portals be established to help awaken humanity and their ability to love.

A significant message from Seretta Kem, one of our Celestial Teachers was received on this subject September 9, 2019, inviting us to pray that more Portals of Light will be established in the world:

Title: Pray for Portals of Light and for More to be Established (2019 General Collection)

Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 9, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I wish to encourage you to continue to pray for these Portals of Light that have been established in the world and to pray that there will be more, for the world needs many more. As you pray and feed these Portals, they will become great nexus of Light in the world that will feed the Lattice of Light that is being formulated with your efforts and the efforts of others. This beautiful network of Light will feed the world greater light, will help to change the conditions of the world to something that is more in harmony with God’s Creation and will help bring the influence and efforts of Heaven and the Higher Spirits closer to Earth. For now, the Earth is riddled with many, many dark influences, many, many conditions that are not in harmony with love, as you well know.

This effort is important to neutralize such dark conditions, to help bring wave upon wave of light and to help push back the darkness. So I ask you, in those times when you are not engaged in other work, keep these Portals in your mind and your prayers. Consider that this is an important part of your work, to pray for these conditions to intensify, for these Portals to brighten and strengthen and widen, that the power of these gifts from God will be energized and strengthened with each day. Yes, we may pray for this as well but it is important that you pray for these things. For you bring an extra element to the structure of these Portals through your prayers, through what we may use you as a channel, an instrument to help in the construction and maintenance of these beautiful Portals of Light.

Wherever there is a beautiful soul of light who desires to establish a Portal in their residence or building or church or whatever the structure may be and there is stability there, a foundation so to speak, then a Portal may be established, added again to the great network of Portals. So for those who are listening to this message, wherever they may be, know that this is a possibility, that this gift may be given. It is not given lightly. It is not given in circumstances that are of happenstance and instability. It is given as a gift to those who have earned and have created a stable environment of Light around them and within their home.

If these gifts are deemed appropriate, those individuals will know that such a gift has been given. They may see it, feel it, sense that’s there’s something different in the atmosphere of their home, sense the love is present in greater abundance, that there is greater harmony and peace. We are eager to establish more of these beautiful instruments of light. As we are eager for all of you to continue in your efforts to help build the network of light, the Lattice of Light in the world.

These are exciting times, beloved souls, to see the movement forward, to witness a change in your world that is so needed, to see that there are great efforts to bring light to your world. And that these gifts are reinforced and expanded, not only from we in the Celestial Kingdom but from you as well, God’s instruments on this Earth. Know that you are given this responsibility, this gift, this charge of helping to establish Truth and Light in the world. That you have grown within your souls to such an extent that we have come to rely upon your light, your efforts and your ability to walk in the world as a light.

Though you are still mortals and human, you carry within your soul a great light, a power that is unusual in your world. You still try in your conversations and your comparisons with others to get an understanding of the light within your soul, of why you have such attitudes and love and acceptance as you move in the world. This is the light of your soul, beloveds. Yes, within your mind you continue to have biases and prejudices, judgments and fears, and all things that are human. But you know, truly know, within you that these things are not ruling your life. These things become weaker with each day and the Truth emerges within your consciousness.

Be joyful, my beloved friends, of what it is that is happening within you, how you have indeed crossed many thresholds of understanding and of being in Light. You are indeed precious to us and deeply loved by God. To have the Master Jesus send all the bright angels in Heaven praying for you, praying for your efforts to reach out, to connect, to help nurture the Lattice of Light. You have established a permanent foundation of Light and Love around you. You will continue to grow and awaken and see more clearly with each day, to observe yourself, observe how God guides you, how the angels continue to gather around you as you walk in the world. Indeed, you come to know that deep desire within your soul to serve, to be a Channel of Light. You are doing so, beloveds, even when you are at rest you are a Channel of Light. That Light that burns bright within your soul continues to influence the world, to have its effects in your immediate environment and, at times, in places far-off.

So much happens without your knowing and realizing. So much is possible because your soul is coming awake and is unfolding as God continues to bless you and awaken you. So, my beloved, beloved friends and those who are your friends and our friends, know that much is happening, that there is a great effort, a great wave of change and love and light that continues to wash over your Earth. You become brighter in the process. You become stronger and emboldened in this ever-changing environment that God continues to enrich and enliven with His Hand upon this world. Know that much is coming, much is coming, that the world will open wide for you and make possible many things because you have your feet firmly implanted upon the Divine Path. You know the Truth. You, with each day, continue to make great efforts to live this Truth and so you are precious, beloveds. So you are lights in the world.

I say these things not to inflate great pride or possibilities that you are beyond others in ways of the world. No, my beloveds, as one grows in God’s Love, so grows a sense of humility. So grows a sense of appreciation and gratitude for God. For are not all of these blessings and all of these gifts and all that you are blessings from God? Be humble, beloved souls. There is wisdom in humility, there is grace in humility and there is power in humility. Be a Channel of Love. Grow in God’s Love with each day and know that you are truly loved and truly blessed, truly blessed.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem and I am happy to be with you this morning with your prayers. My love is with you. God bless you. 

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