Multi-day retreats and study groups are available on a diverse range of spiritual topics, including:

  1. The Soul, including the difference between the soul, the mind and the spirit body.
  2. Divine Love:  What it is and how to receive this blessing which is the highest vibration in the Universe – and how receiving this blessing can impact all aspects of one’s life.
  3. The Difference Between Divine Love and the Natural Love we were all created with.
  4. Soul progression:  Including forgiveness, soul healing, expiation and progression through the various spheres in the spirit world.
  5. Spiritual Laws:  Including the law of attraction; the laws of communication and rapport; mediumship, the development of one’s spiritual gifts, the law of prayer and activation and the law of compensation and forgiveness.

Al Fike speaking at the First United Spiritualist Church in Burnaby, BC.

When asked to do non-religious spiritual ceremonies, Jeanne and Al are more than happy to do so; their blessing always includes a prayer for Divine Love.  Whatever the occasion, faith or culture, Jeanne and Al seek to create a ceremony or blessing that is right for the occasion and for those attending.  Their blessings are designed to honour each individual, regardless of their religion, race, colour, creed or sexual orientation.

Jeanne and Al are ordained as Ministers of the Foundation Church of Divine Truth.  FCDT is a worldwide Divine Love Christian Spiritualist Church.

Jeanne Fike speaking at the First United Spiritualist Church in Burnaby.

Al and Jeanne Fike live on the west coast of Canada and have pursued a spiritual path together for over 40 years; together they have travelled to almost 70 countries where they have shared their spiritual perspectives with others from diverse cultures and faith in the form of workshops, prayer, blessings and conversations with many.

To book a consultation to discuss your spiritual needs or special occasion, contact Rev. Jeanne Fike

We all want to go to Heaven but most of us have trouble understanding what Heaven really is and have no idea how to get there. This book provides a road map to Heaven. Angels are eager to help us on our way and a connection with these beautiful souls is possible. The key is in receiving a unique blessing from the Creator. The Divine Love from God is free for whoever desires it.

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God is Love ….

This fundamental belief is common to most religions and spiritual teachings the world over.   

Whether this love is defined as Universal Love, Kundalini, Cosmic Consciousness, the Aloha Spirit, The Christ Spirit, or another name, experiencing The Divine has been the goal of spiritual seekers from all World Religions, living in diverse cultures and beliefs for all time.

With a core belief that God’s Love is everywhere and all that is required is a willingness to be open to receive a blessing of love, the Fike’s Ministry embodies an interfaith, non-denominational global outreach to individuals, groups and organizations sincerely interested in praying with us!

We are available to provide prayerful blessings and ceremonies, healing services, workshops and retreats designed to elevate our consciousness heavenward….to that place of peace which passes all understanding and at-onement with Our Creator. We are available to provide hospice and healing visits, relationship / wedding vow renewals; child blessings, end of life blessings, or special blessings designed to acknowledge any life transition or celebration.