Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation gratefully acknowledges our Volunteers, Associates, Sponsors and Suppliers for “going the extra mile”!  We believe that Prayerful Support always makes the greatest difference….each one of us flowing in harmony with God’s Mighty River of Love…..being open to share our individual, unique gifts in whatever ways we feel inspired to contribute. Blessings to each one of you for your loving efforts; for the precious gifts of your time, your energy, your skills and your talents! God Bless us all in this great effort of being channels of Light and Love in this harsh, crazy and wonderful world! Thank you to the Angels for praying with us, protecting us and inspiring us along our path, for bringing us together from all over the world! May the Light of God’s Love and Grace continue to bless and guide us in our efforts.

With special recognition to our Divine Love friends and family for their many contributions:


Geoff Cutler, Terry Adler, Barbara Davies, Judy Dunbar, Betty Owen, Jane Gartshore

DLSF Directors:   2015 – 2017

Geoff Cutler, Helge Mercker, Al Fike, Jeanne Fike

CIRCLES OF LIGHT:  Hosts and facilitators

Barbara Davies / Terry Adler (West Vancouver), Judy Dunbar/Betty Owen (Gibsons), Arie and Marion Hordijk (Frankfurt), Maureen Cardoso (Abbotsford),  Helge Mercker (Namibia), Gilda Holy (Hawaii), Jimbeau Walsh (Hawaii), Gemma Miller (Wales), Raphael Legros (Burnaby), George Apic (Serbia). Terry Coyote Aleck and Christine Turenne – Guest Facilitators of Sacred Traditional Ceremonies and Drumming (Gibsons/Sechelt).


Foundation Church of the New Birth: for an endless supply of True Gospel Revealed Anew volumes for free distribution at Retreats, Workshops and Circles of Light.

Foundation Church of Divine Truth: for providing bi-monthly newsletters for the (global) Divine Love movement, and for maintaining a comprehensive list of links to Divine Love Ministries all over the world.


Transcribing, Editing and Publishing Messages: Helge Mercker, Brian Holmes, Darlene Gaunt, Eva Peck, Judy Dunbar, Maureen Cardoso, Jane Gartshore, Terry Adler, Steve Filkins

Accounting and Bookkeeping:   Anna Fike, Karen-Lynn Townshend

Website and Facebook:  Allan Forest, Raphael Legros, Dennis Tormey, Darlene Gaunt


Unity Churches of Kaneohe, Hawaii and Yakima, Washington;  First United Spiritualist Church of Burnaby. Nadama Music Healing Touch;  Roll-a-Hippo Foundation; Rotary Club of Gibsons; Lifeguards on the Sunshine Coast.

Jeanne & Al Fike