Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 25, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Seretta Kem. There has been some communication of importance regarding all of you within this group being in harmony with one another. Indeed, this is always an important issue amongst this group and amongst any group that you may be a part of that is in alignment with God’s Love. Harmony is a powerful and important element of any grouping or relationship amongst humanity. It is important to exemplify harmony and love. It is necessary for you to go to the highest perspective of love with one another where there is acceptance and a lack of judgment, where there is a sense of family and love that is shared. For, you cannot judge your brothers and sisters in terms of their level of progression, their personalities, their capacities of communication, and gifts of spirit.

To say that some are further along than others may be true to some extent, but generally, this sense of progression and accomplishment is somewhat slight when you see the bigger picture of what needs to be accomplished and how far you each need to go in order to be in greater harmony, to be in a state of clear perception, to be a greater channel of Love and Light and to be without judgment or barriers towards one another. None of you are so far progressed that these are not issues amongst you. Each of you have your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses, your lack of perceptions and that which holds you back from loving purely and clearly. You are human. You continue to be more human than divine within your souls. Though these aspects are alive and well within each one of you, this struggle to rise above the human condition, this great accomplishment of receiving God’s Love within your soul, where it shines brightly, these things are truly a part of you. Yes, there is the need to overcome conditions that are not in harmony with love.

This is a lifelong struggle as you continue to live in the world, a world that is rife with error, darkness and disharmony. So, it does take a great deal of effort from all of you to rise above these conditions, to see clearly those parts of you that are not in harmony with God, to look beyond your blind spots of perception, of realisation, that keep you from truly loving yourself and others. These things we know well, beloved souls, and we do not condemn you for being human, for what else can you be? How else can you be than to display these human characteristics until that time comes when you may be transformed so powerfully by the inflow of God’s Love that these aspects of yourselves become irrelevant and are washed away by Love? This requires great prayer, great effort to receive God’s Love. But until that day that you are transformed, that there is a great effort and expression that comes from your soul to truly transform your behavior, your thoughts, your actions and your vulnerabilities into strengths and love and acceptance and humility and joy.

These things are coming. They come incrementally as you continue to grow in the Father’s Love. We do not place edicts in front of you to say: “You must be this and you must be that.” No, my beloved and beautiful souls, we merely encourage you to step forward, to continue to try to make effort to overcome these conditions, these human conditions that you all carry. We are aware of these things. We see them clearly within each one of you and we do not judge. We do not condemn and we do not insist. Merely, we are patient and encourage you to walk in the way of God’s Love, in the Truth of God’s Love, to make those efforts to be clearly in alignment with the Truth and reality of His Love.

Some days you are more in alignment than others. This, again, is the human condition. Because you live on this Earth plane, so you are subject to the intransigence of the conditions of this Earth plane. Because you are vulnerable and sometimes blind and sometimes ignorant of the conditions that you carry, it will take time. It always will take time to come to those places of awareness and understanding of your own self. A true honest look comes as you strengthen yourself of God’s Love. The changes that will come from your awakening to yourself to the Truth, to those things that encrust your soul, that require your attention to pray for their release, will come in time.

We do not expect perfection. We do not see you as in a condition that is black or white, but shades of gray, shades of gray, beloved souls. You must see yourselves as such, see each other as such. In this vision to be compassionate and loving and supportive of one another, to accept that none are perfect, none are so progressed that you feel that they are far beyond your own condition of love for this is not true. Each of you are upon this journey, this path together. You have committed yourselves to one another, to this work that we aspire to bring forth in the world, and to God. Suffice to say that we are together, that there is a measure and element of harmony amongst us, that we are clearly committed to one another, and that this commitment has been taken seriously, that you are indeed brothers and sisters upon this path.

There is no need to judge one above the other, one lesser than the other, one who is in need of change and transformation so that you may, in your own mind, find a measure of acceptance and resonance with another. You are all individuals. You all live your lives from your unique perspective and you all continue to enjoy the blessings of God’s angels in your midst and to be strengthened with God’s Love within your souls.

Be humble, beloved souls. Be patient with one another. Be true to yourselves. Be true to the edict of love that God has encouraged you to express in everything that you do. This is all that is necessary, beloved souls. You are being led and guided, nurtured and strengthened and tested with each day. There is much that you can learn still, much to grow with and develop in the great journey of your soul’s awakening towards at-onement with God. So it will be, beloved souls, so it shall always be.

May God bless you upon that journey. I am Seretta Kem. My love is with you, truly with you. God bless you.