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Alec Gaunt

Questions and Answers

Spirit: Alec Medium: Al Fike Date: February 26, 2019 Location: Homosassa Springs, FL God bless you my friends. Isus does not reside within the celestial realms. This instrument insists upon Celestial Spirits as his companions to speak through him. If [...]

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New Thresholds, New Life

Spirit: Alec Gaunt Medium: Al Fike Date: January 24, 2018 Location: Gibsons, BC Alec here and I am happy to be with you and I have been with you for this whole day and have enjoyed your conversations and [...]

New Thresholds, New Life2018-05-21T19:14:39+00:00

Changes Within Your Soul Will Bring Many Rewards

Medium: Al Fike Spirit: Alec Date: January 23 Place: Gibsons, BC, Canada Each of you is on the precipice of great change.  There is much happening within you that will manifest through you and around you in time and [...]

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The law of change

Spirit:  Alec Gaunt Medium:  Al Fike Location:  West Vancouver, BC Date:  April 27, 2016 May the Divine Love find a deep inflowing to your souls, my friends, and may you continue to come together in these Circles of Light, [...]

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