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Messages Of Love - The Laurelville Collection

Kudos to Jesus and Celestial Angels, along with our wonderful team of Earth Angels who have transcribed, compiled, and posted a new collection with messages received to prepare for the Retreat, all messages received, including 2 visions received at the retreat as well as a few follow up messages. Click here to view the messages.

LightBringers Divine Love Celebration – Gratitude to God and All

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to and for everyone on Earth and in spirit who helped to make the LightBringers Celebration of Divine Love the unspeakably beautiful, meaningful, inspiring, and powerful gathering of souls that it was. My soul overflows with deepest thanks to the Divine Source for everything that was given so freely and abundantly during our time together. May all who contributed and participated continue to integrate, embody, and express the multitude of gifts and blessings we received individually and collectively.

If you’d like to see more photos and videos from the retreat you can click here to watch our daily recap videos. You’re also invited to access the replays of many retreat Circles of Light and Workshop Sessions here. 

With humble praise and thanksgiving to our great God of limitless Divine Love,

Bill Frase

Co-founder and President of LightBringers, Inc.

Photography by Michael Willey Photography

Jesus’ Teachings are also available on this website. View Volume I lessons   View Volume II lessons   View Volume III lessons

Thanks to Geoff Cutler, volumes I, II and III are available at

Thanks to Chuck Bloodgood and Bill Frase, Volume III messages are available on the LightBringers website at:

You may listen to voice recordings on our podcast at

An audio version of “Our World in Transition – Messages from Jesus” can be listened to HERE as read by Brooke Folk.

An audiobook for purchase on Amazon and iTunes is in the process of being produced and will be available soon.

Online Circles of Light offered 4-6 times a week are free of charge. Online Circles are by drop-in and do not require one to register in advance. About Online Circles of Light click here.

May this year bring great spiritual awakening for all humanity and the Healing of our Mother Earth.  May we all be transformed, releasing those unloving parts of ourselves and truly live The Love, bringing ever greater light into the world… with blessed peace, healing and harmony for all.

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We believe that by activating our deepest soul’s longings in sincere prayer, each of us has the potential to develop a meaningful, intimate relationship with The Creator. 

We believe that through the inflowing of God’s Divine Love, the soul is transformed. 

We believe that living a life of prayer has rich and profound rewards, and each soul has the opportunity to access an inflowing of Divine Love that will bring us into the Light, deepen our soul perceptions and help us live our lives more in harmony with the Laws of Creation.

Celestial Messages
Celestial Messages
Celestial Messages
Celestial Messages

We try to synchronize our prayer circles to coincide with circles around the world.

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