Finding Our Way Home

Al Fike’s new book
“Finding Our Way Home”
is available as a Paperback on AMAZON!

Finding Our Way Home is a continuation of the publication, Our World In Transition , Messages From Jesus. Jesus continues to share spiritual lessons designed to awaken our deeper selves and make sense of an ever changing world. He talks about the power of love to change the hearts and minds of humanity. He continues to speak of a faltering world which in time will make way for something completely different and new. He shares his vision of what that world would look like and how Celestial, stellar and other Divine forces are working together to help birth a new way for humanity. The depth and breadth of Jesus’s teachings and revelations continues to awaken both the mind and the soul in clear and understandable language and concepts, adding to his previous lessons. Another must read for those who are intent on understanding what is happening in our modern world and how we might find our way to the new and harmonious world to come.

Our World in Transition - Messages from Jesus

Al Fike’s new book
“The World in Transition ~ Messages from Jesus”
is available as a Paperback or Kindle on AMAZON!

Change is coming to our world. A change so profound and powerful that every one of us needs to prepare for what is coming. This book, essentially written by Jesus through the mediumship of Albert J. Fike, is part prophesy and part spiritual teachings. Twenty lessons received over a six month period take us on a journey of understanding our true nature and the potential to forge a personal relationship with our Creator. Jesus teaches that without greater knowledge and clear understanding of deeper spiritual truth that humanity will suffer through these times of difficult transitions. He speaks of the power of love to heal us all and points to avenues of vast untapped resources that will assist in transforming ourselves and our world. A new world of spiritual and material harmony is coming as the old world crumbles and a new one emerges.

Amazon Reviews

Geoff Cutler
5.0 out of 5 stars
Guidance for the times ahead
Reviewed in Australia on 26 June 2021

This is a totally amazing book. Amazing in what it covers and amazing in the depth of that coverage. If you are feeling the change coming and wondering what is about to transpire this book will help immensely. It’s not the end of the world as so many fundamentalist Christians have claimed but it is the end of what we are doing to this Earth and the beginning of a new more enlightened phase.

Raphael Legros
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great channeling material!
Reviewed in Canada on July 14, 2021

As with any channeled material, you will have to decide for yourself the authenticity of the authorship of this book. There is no way to know for sure other than the wisdom behind the words and the effects they have on your consciousness. I personally chose to go along with the ride. This book does feel like being taught by the Master himself. He hasn’t changed the simplicity of his message, he is still the same man who preached to “Love thy neighbour like thyself”.

No complexity in his words, his truths are simple yet profound. They can be understood by anyone. He adds to his timeless message the concerns he has for this world on the verge of self destruction, and urges the world to pay attention to these truths which are needed now more than ever. The revelation of the soul is the cornerstone of his “lessons”, how one can awaken the soul through prayer for the inflowing of God’s love. It seems we won’t make it into this new world without acknowledging the Almighty One and building that direct relationship with Him to navigate the Earth changes. Personal faith takes on a new mantle with this book, stripped off its religious meaning and embracing the mystical art of prayer.

Yvonne Riley
5.0 out of 5 stars
An awesome book!
Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021

Such a beautiful book, I just love it! It’s so wonderful to hear the voice of Jesus unfiltered and to see his love for us, and hope that we will all find our way to God and his Divine Love. I’ve read these messages again and again and each time I find something different. So many people don’t understand their Soul, and how to awaken it and live in harmony with God. These messages help us all to understand how to awaken the Soul to God’s Divine Love. As Jesus states in Lesson 9 “It begins with a simple effort in prayer. Where it will end will be truly awesome and wonderous in scope.”

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A Church Without Walls with Al and Jeanne Fike
Interviewed onCloser to Venus

Click on Closer to Venus image to be taken to episode #70, where our guests are Al and Jeane Fike. Al is a trance medium, the co-founder of the Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation (with his wife Jeanne), and President of the First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, B.C. Today we will be talking about his book,“Our World in Transition: Messages from Jesus, his career as a medium, and errors in the bible. What you will learn:

  • How Al’s spirit guides asked him to become a channel for them
  • How the Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation was formed
  • How the Spiritualist church supports the mediumship community
  • We attract the type of spirit guides that will help us based on the Law Of Attraction
  • The real church is within our soul; a church without walls
  • How Al began receiving messages from celestial beings, as well as Jesus
  • We should take the risk of going within ourselves beyond the clutter of the mind
  • One theory of the  goal of reincarnation is to for the soul to progress to the point where we do not need to keep incarnating
  • The belief  that reincarnation  is the only possibility of spiritual growth that  happens on the earth plane may not be true for everyone
  • There are many experiences in the spirit world that will bring  you many opportunities for growth that you don’t need to come back in order to grow

Our World in Transition ~ Messages from Jesus

In late September 2020, Jesus came to Al and me in our morning prayer and announced that he would like to use Al to deliver a series of Divine Love teachings. He asked us to schedule a time for him to come every week for this purpose.  His first lesson was delivered on October 1 and thereafter followed 20 lessons, each about one hour in length. These covered a broad range of spiritual truths and a commentary on the current state of our world as it continues to escalate towards greater challenges and ecological degradation.

Jesus describes how the energetic conditions of the world are changing, but for those on the Divine Path, although challenging, it is a very blessed time, a time of great change that will bring the unfolding of a new era. The old will crumble and make way for the new. All will not be lost, however, as some of our inventions and machines will survive the cataclysmic changes. We will then have the wisdom and knowledge to use these things for good and in harmony with God’s Laws.

In Lesson 7 on Divine Love Mediumship (November 12, 2020), Jesus states that his most successful effort in bringing the truths was through James Padgett and that the volumes that were published took much effort to make available to the world. Jesus describes James’ struggle and his own dismay that relatively few read these volumes in our world today. Though the volumes have been made available to humanity, few have come to them with an open mind and a willingness to learn. This is a reflection of the present earthly condition in which the majority expects things to come in an instant, revelations to be easily obtained, truth to be easily understood and practiced, and tangible results to appear quickly. Jesus says that because of these mindful barriers, he continues to communicate through various mediums on the earth plane.

Other lessons in the teachings include:  The Soul’s Journey to God; Shattering the Error and Illusions of the Mind; A Changing World and a Call for Unity; and The Nature of the Universe and Humanity’s Place Within It.  In lesson 20, Jesus implores humanity to change their ways – to reconcile their minds and souls to God.  Following the 20 lessons, Jesus invited readers of his messages to submit questions. Thereafter followed four Q & A sessions, the last received on March 18.  

Thanks to Geoff Cutler, the 20 lessons and Jesus’ responses to questions are available at A second volume of messages is currently being received, which Geoff continues to post at the website. Lesson 11, Volume 2, “Humanity will Awaken with Coming Earth Changes”, was received June 2. 

Jesus’ Teachings are also available on this website. View Volume I lessons   View Volume II lessons

With the escalation of earth changes, along with the great and growing spiritual power generated by group prayer for Divine Love, Jesus and his disciples come frequently to Circles of Light to bless and pray with those gathered together.  

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  Jeanne and Al Fike 

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May this year bring great spiritual awakening for all humanity and the Healing of our Mother Earth.  May we all be transformed, releasing those unloving parts of ourselves and truly live The Love, bringing ever greater light into the world… with blessed peace, healing and harmony for all.

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We believe that by activating our deepest soul’s longings in sincere prayer, each of us has the potential to develop a meaningful, intimate relationship with The Creator. 

We believe that through the inflowing of God’s Divine Love, the soul is transformed. 

We believe that living a life of prayer has rich and profound rewards, and each soul has the opportunity to access an inflowing of Divine Love that will bring us into the Light, deepen our soul perceptions and help us live our lives more in harmony with the Laws of Creation.

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