In this COMMUNITY section, our goal is that the viewer will find a broad range of possibilities to connect with a growing movement of Divine Love seekers who are striving to “live The Love”, pray together (either in person or simultaneously) and grow spiritually.  

What Divine Love followers everywhere have in common is accepting the truth of the messages from Jesus and Celestials as received through James Padgett in Washington, D.C. from 1915 – 1923. 

The “Divine Love Community” is a diverse network of unique spiritual seekers spread across the globe from Australia to Europe, to Africa, the U.K. and from coast to coast in Canada and the U.S. With the wonders of social media, Divine Love followers are becoming an increasingly well connected and mutually supportive global community. There is no central church or umbrella organization linking Divine Love followers together.  However, The Foundation Church of Divine Truth (FCDT) hosts an International retreat every year; the Foundation Church of the New Birth distributes volumes of messages received by James Padgett free of charge and there is an increasing number of Divine Love prayer circles (which DLSF refers to as “Circles of Light”) taking place in many countries.  The Divine Love Community may be described as a network rather than a church. 

DLSF recognizes, with gratitude, Reverends Eva Peck of Queensland, Australia and Michael Nedbal of Hawaii.  As co-editors of the FCDT bimonthly newsletter, Eva and Michael support the unique efforts of many wonderful outreaches — recognizing local projects, publications, achievements and prayer circles mapped out around the world.  Past issues of the Divine Love Newsletter, containing a wealth of resources and links to the global community ARE AVAILABLE HERE.  We are also grateful to Eva for her research in identifying and maintaining an inclusive and comprehensive list of links for Divine Love organizations and resources. The Divine Love Resource Guide can be accessed HERE.

DLSF, based in western Canada near the city of Vancouver, B.C., has its own unique and thriving community of Divine Love followers coming together in Circles of Light, healing circles, workshops and multi-day retreats in West Vancouver, Gibsons, Burnaby and Abbotsford.  DLSF provides opportunities for spiritual seekers to come together for prayer, healing and personal retreats.  We hope you enjoy the photo gallery and articles in the FCDT newsletters.  Please join us in the FORUM for spiritual discussions, and on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!   We welcome your participation!