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Lorraine’s Instrumentality is Manifesting

Spirit: Sri Yukteswar Medium: Al Fike Date: October 15, 2022 Location: Dallas, Oregon USA I am Sri Yukteswar. Beloved daughter, you have answered the call and heard the guidance and affirmed for yourself when you pray for a blessing that is in harmony with God's intentions that indeed everything falls into place and all is in harmony, all shall [...]

Lorraine’s Instrumentality is Manifesting2023-07-10T14:15:52-07:00

The Duality of Soul and Mind

Spirit: Sri Yukteswar Medium: Al Fike Date: April 9, 2019 Location: Gibsons, BC May God’s Love find a deep place within your heart. I am Sri Yukteswar. I have come to be with you as a group of diverse souls on individual paths who are dedicated to the growth of your soul, to awakening those deep parts within you. [...]

The Duality of Soul and Mind2021-02-12T09:47:46-08:00
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