Our World in Transition - Messages from Jesus

Change is coming to our world. A change so profound and powerful that every one of us needs to prepare for what is coming. This book, essentially written by Jesus through the mediumship of Albert J. Fike, is part prophesy and part spiritual teachings. Twenty lessons received over a six month period take us on a journey of understanding our true nature and the potential to forge a personal relationship with our Creator. Jesus teaches that without greater knowledge and clear understanding of deeper spiritual truth that humanity will suffer through these times of difficult transitions. He speaks of the power of love to heal us all and points to avenues of vast untapped resources that will assist in transforming ourselves and our world. A new world of spiritual and material harmony is coming as the old world crumbles and a new one emerges.

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We all want to go to Heaven but most of us have trouble understanding what Heaven really is and have no idea how to get there. This book provides a road map to Heaven. Angels are eager to help us on our way and a connection with these beautiful souls is possible. The key is in receiving a unique blessing from the Creator. The Divine Love from God is free for whoever desires it.

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Since the inspired work of James E. Padgett who brought through the truths of Divine Love with his gift of automatic writing, many have taken a keen interest in the subject of mediumship. Though there has been some information given to us by Celestial Spirit Guides on what Divine Love mediumship is about, a comprehensive book has not been written until now. Albert J Fike, a Divine Love medium himself, has now written another compelling addition in the series ‘Explorations in Divine Love’. It addresses many questions relating to this subject. This book is short and easy to read. It is designed to both educate and inspire the reader. It is not just an instructional book for those who wish to become a medium, but gives valuable information regarding the laws that govern the gift of communication and rapport with Celestial Angels.

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Angels exist and have words of wisdom to share with mortals. This book is a collection of messages channeled through a trance medium in the summer of 2015. These messages from Heaven will inform both the novice and the devout. The purpose of this book is to share angelic revelations that will inspire the reader to transcend the conditions of this world and experience the limitless possibilities of the soul awakening!

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The name Judas does not often elicit positive regard in the Christian world. This book, a series of messages given through a medium but originating from Judas of Kerioth will dispel any negative judgements one may have of this person. His messages cover many interesting topics, some dealing with contemporary life while others give a first-hand account of the life and times of Jesus. This is also a spiritual guide book designed to help the reader to discern what is fact and what is fiction. Judas gives a riveting description of his own life and death, landing in a sort of hell that was not his final stop. In time, he found his way out of darkness and into heaven. Read how this was accomplished and how you too can find your way into the Celestial realms. A fascinating and edifying read. Highly recommended.  

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This channeled novel takes the reader on one man’s journey through a world wrought with danger and change. As he encounters many hardships on his search for a good life, he discovers his true nature and ultimately all that he is looking for. Set in another time, this story is rich in detail and spirituality. In essence, it is tale of spiritual awakening and a guide how this is obtained. Beautifully written, this book is a great curl up by the fireplace read. You won’t be able to put it down.

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Early in 2015, we experienced one of the most incredible, God-guided adventures of our lives! In a giant leap of faith into the unknown, we travelled for almost two months to meet and pray with others seeking and living by the Divine Love in the USA and Namibia. This booklet contains only a sample of more than 80 pages of messages received along our journey. We have grouped these Pearls of Wisdom under several themes that emerged along the way. For those interested, the full transcripts can be found at “Creating Circles of Light”  –  a collection of messages from Jesus and Celestial Spirit Guides.

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The conversations in this book come from the Divine Love Sanctuary Facebook group. The group welcomes all faiths, creeds, nationalities, and spiritual beliefs. Members believe that God exists and that every soul in the universe is loved by God. God’s Love is substantive and can be brought into our souls with sincere prayer. This energy is transformative as it purifies and awakens the soul.

May this book help those who are new to praying for the Divine Love and in the absence of physical feelings, feel unsure about receiving it. May the insights gained from sharing these experiences accelerate everyone’s progress on the Divine Love path as we all walk, both collectively and individually, toward our heavenly Father’s Kingdom.

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The book that you are holding in your hands presents in a succinct way what I now see as closer to Jesus’ original teaching regarding the Kingdom of God and salvation. More information can be found on my website www.universal-spirituality.org, in the Notes and Further Reading at the end of the book (where key Bible verses, superscripted in the text, are quoted and other online reading referenced), as well as in the list of References.

While these concepts are not commonly believed and taught by Christian ministers, it is definitely one of the several threads running through the New Testament as is shown in Chapter 9. It has, however, been somewhat lost among other threads and concepts introduced in the selecting, copying and editing processes of the early manuscripts which took place in compiling the biblical canon.

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As our world slides into greater disharmony and chaos, as our hearts cry out for healing and peace, for joy and love, for unity and understanding, we ever seek to find that state of grace in our search for the living waters of life, the living waters of love. I invite you, to read what I am sharing here of my experiences in following a path of love, of Divine Love. It is a discovery of soul and acknowledgment of the subtle transformative action that the Divine Love brings. A discovery of the relationship to our Creator, a discovery of Love so deep that I never dared to dream of it. Daily prayers and communion with God are the cornerstone of this life upon our pathway of Love Divine. It is a gentle path which does not need formalism or buildings or temples or preachers.

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In this course I am synthesizing and distilling everything of value I have absorbed over the course of my spiritual journey thus far. This course contains those things that I feel are most essential for those who desire to walk the spiritual path of soul transformation through persistent soul longing for the Creator’s Gift of Divine Love. Many important things have been omitted to focus upon the essential.

Take anything troubling or challenging to your Creator in prayer for clarification and guidance. If anything does not resonate with your soul or support your experience of soul communion with God in Divine Love, let it go. Whatever helps you to experience the wonderment of God’s Unconditional Divine Love and Absolute Acceptance, stick with that! May we each experience the wondrous and abundant blessings of God’s Divine Love on our journeys! 

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This book begins with a “call for mediums.” The answer fills the pages that follow. The author had no idea what would unfold, but his willingness brought many surprises – especially when his birth family came to write letters from the afterlife. He heard from a brother that was killed during WWII, a sister never met that died one day after birth, his mom and dad, and seven other siblings. These and many others are amazing stories. They teach us that death is not a great sleep, or the end of all consciousness. Death is transition to a different life with new beginnings. Their stories are of individuals experiencing love and progress in the afterlife – and on earth.

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This set of four volumes is essential reading for anyone interested in pursuing truth through Divine Love. These revised additions provide a rich tapestry of spiritual laws and truths which, in turn, is a road map to soul awakening through Divine Love. These teachings were given through the mediumship of James Padgett, an Attorney who practiced Law in Washington DC at the turn of the 20th century. Contained within these pages are spiritual gems meticulously conveyed by such spiritual giants as Jesus, Moses and Confucius. They also contain many messages from spirits of all levels of soul growth who share their stories and understanding of the true nature of life. The topics touched upon are too numerous to list here. This is a seminal work which many consider to be one of the greatest spiritual guides ever written. What is said is both provocative and inspiring and is not light reading. Be prepared to have old ideas challenged, giving way to a paradigm shift in the reader’s thinking and an opening of the soul so profound that you will be changed forever. The True Gospel Revealed anew volumes are not just highly recommended, they are essential reading for those looking to grow spiritually.