Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 8, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, AU

It is Michael Collier and I am so happy that my dear friends have returned to continue with their work in this part of the world. I continue to work with my beloved sister and brother in their efforts. They have been diligent in many ways, seeking to serve God. That path and that effort has not been particularly easy. Often they have felt alone, yet they persisted in their prayers. Know that I have been with you very, very often, that I have made a deep commitment to each one of you in your journey to God, and that I do indeed reside in the Celestial Kingdom.

We have worked diligently to bring these souls together, not only in this little circle, but in the circle that will be much larger. I know it is surprising that so many have answered the call, but I tell you that there are many, many out there in your world, in this country. Though their minds are disinterested in that which is of a spiritual nature, yet within their souls is a deep longing.

In places where people live lives that are not difficult and tumultuous, it is often harder to get them to think about their spiritual life or to think about God. The world meets their needs to some degree, enough that they do not feel as if they need more to sustain them. Yet, that life is merely a shadow of the life that they might have with God, that they might have with a soul seeking God and receiving from God His Love.

So I urge each one of you to bring inspiration to these dear souls who have come to join you in prayer and meditation and talk. If you do not feel the inspiration within you, ask us to assist you and we will. Your words will be simple but eloquent and there will be a profound sharing from you all that will touch many souls. Yet if you worry this issue in your minds, you will curtail the flow of God’s Touch through your soul.

So, my beautiful friends, be confident, at peace and with faith step forward and may the Love flow through you all. You can accomplish much in the coming days. Yes, the need is great, yet the mind continues to resist. With love, that resistance will melt away. With love and acceptance, as you embrace each one who comes through this door, you will find that many will feel the gentle Touch of the Creator lulling them into deep peace, giving them respite from the earthly conditions, bringing them through these instruments that are gathered here, Truth, in words that are acceptable and meaningful to their minds.

Remember, whatever you say, no matter how simple, what reverberates through you to their souls is of the utmost importance as you become an open channel for those you meet, a channel of Love. This is the true connection, the true understanding that comes in a way with waves of Love and peace and comfort and joy. These things you understand, my friends. These things you know well.

The opportunity comes for you to be your true selves in loving commitment to service for your brothers and sisters, to serve God in a sense of your tribute to God for His Love and blessings to you. No matter the individual you may meet, no matter what may come through their lips, remember they are a soul, a soul that seeks. They would not be here with you if there was not this impetus to seek something deeper and truer.

You may give the key to some who come. You will give the key to all the souls who come. Yet some will understand immediately while others must absorb and contemplate and accept this simple Truth that God loves them deeply, that they are able to be with God in His Love. And it is not difficult, nor will it ever be withheld, but is given with the asking, the desire, the faith, and the trust that all these things of God are real and true and palpable.

So you will have a room of seekers and though they will find through this time together the Truth that their souls are seeking, it is the challenge of the mind. Each of you are gifted and each has a particular perspective, a way of sharing your truth, your knowledge, and your wisdom. Allow each to speak. Give your love to each who stands up for you all, to speak the Truth. Be humble in your ways, my friends. These dear souls are like delicate flowers. You must handle them with care, with a sense of how precious they all are, a unique creation of God. Allow God to do His magic through you, His blessings to flow, that find that fissure and crack within the soul, to penetrate and instill within, a deep desire for His Love and Presence in their lives. You will find it will flow, that there is nothing to worry about.

The stage has been set, the players, all very able, beautiful souls. God’s Presence illuminates all. His Love permeates every part of this atmosphere. May you find joy in your efforts. May you feel God’s Love pouring upon you, my friends and see, though some of you have come a very long way, that it will fulfill God’s Will and desire and your desire to serve.

God bless you my friends, I am Michael and I am happy that we are all together once again with a few more fresh faces, whom as you probably would surmise, I know well. We are all together in this. We will forge a path of Light through this condition that has many obstacles but, as I have said, underneath the obstructions of the mind is a soul that desires Truth. With patience, we will all find our way into unity and trust and joy and upliftment and the blessing of Love within our souls. God bless you on that journey. God bless you and my love is with you. I will be here for every moment. I would not miss it for the world, as you would say. God bless you my friends. God bless you.