Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 9, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, New South Wales, Australia

Brothers and sisters, beautiful souls all, I am Augustine. I was once the Bishop of Hippo many, many years ago. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and have taught these charges for many years now. I come to reassure you my friends that God indeed has a solution for these dilemmas that you face in this world. Yes, the world that you live on continues to suffer. In many ways, all who dwell upon this planet continue to suffer. It is the predominant condition of your world. Where love is absent so the suffering continues. Where ignorance is absent so there will be a sense of solution to bring greater understanding and sensitivity to how you all trod upon this Earth. 

There are great changes coming to your Earth. It cannot be anything but a great shift, a great awakening in your world. God has given humanity great leeway to do as it will upon this world. You all have that great gift of free will. You all continue to walk on your own. The vast majority consider that they are free and can make those decisions with wisdom. I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, you are not free. You are not able to make serious choices that affect your world in ways that bring solutions that last and are in harmony with God’s Creation.

Instead you have built a great tyranny for yourselves. Instead the world continues to be a victim of your own willful desires and needs. I do not condemn you, beloved brothers and sisters. You are seeking light and God gives you all measure of blessings and Love but a time is coming when the world will be tested and so will each of you. For change must come and quickly. There is little time. The forces of destruction continue to catapult the world into darkness and chaos.

Though you are comfortable in your material lives, you continue to indulge yourself in all manner of material pleasures and desires. These times that are coming will bring a measure of hardship to all of you. What you require more than anything else, is a firm grounding within your soul where all wisdom, true wisdom comes, where all that can be done through each of you as instruments of Light will come and be guided to you. Each of you requires great faith in the higher powers, as you would call it, in God as I know it. 

In this way, you will find your way through these tumultuous times. Many of you will assist God in reconstructing this world in a way that will bring greater harmony where all the creatures of your world will flourish. You, all peoples, will be in balance and harmony with Creation. As it is so often in the world of men, it takes a crisis, a jolt, some condition that will shake those who are asleep awake. Those of you who gather here seek to be awake, seek to be knowledgeable, seek to be in harmony.

So we come to you, each one you, to help you on that journey of wakefulness, of Truth. We will continue to assist you on that journey. But I tell you, my friends, the time grows short and much is coming. Each of you has the choice to come to that place of deep faith, wakefulness, of being with the Creator, to align yourself with Truth and to see for yourselves through your prayers beseeching God for guidance what must be done. It will come to each of you individually. 

You will not be spared any detail or any part of this plan which is a plan for the salvation of humanity. So these beloved and beautiful instruments who have come to visit you today have been on an earnest mission to help all who yearn for Light and aspire for Light to come together in Truth, to walk in the world together. Though your ideas may vary and the perceptions of life are unique to each path, together as children of God you may assist God in this reclamation of your world.

It is crucial that all those who are of Light will come together and continue to work together in whatever way so that those you reach in your world in your daily life may have the opportunity to awaken to Truth, to awaken to the dire circumstances that are all around you. Though in your minds you continue to see that all is of peace and tranquil and yet you know in your hearts that it is not so, that life, the very essence of life is being challenged, that God’s Creation teeters on the edge.

I am sorry to be so serious with you, beloved souls, but you have asked to pray for your beloved Earth. I come to give you that message that, yes, your prayers are important, that your efforts are important, that your thoughts are important. And most of all, the awakening of your soul, opening your eyes where God may peel the scales away is crucial. Go to God with your concerns. Go to God with your prayers and your desire for change and healing for your world, for yourself, for all that you love and the doors will open. The opportunities will come to you. The work which is great needs your hands, your efforts, your words, your love, all that you can do. 

You live in very interesting times, beloved souls. You will see great changes in your lifetime. When the tumult is done and all is asunder and yet through the eyes of your soul you will see that it is the dawning of a new beginning, a new world where peace will reign for a thousand years and love will be the currency of all. I say this because there is great hope and great assurance that your world will find the healing that is needed. All within your world who desires to follow the Will of God, the way of God’s Creation in harmony with His Laws, will find their way to harmony and joy and peace and great love.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. May you awaken, awaken with joy, awaken with deep perceptions, awaken with a greater capacity to love and to embrace all your brothers and sisters. As you strive towards these ends, so you will see that by your actions you will have walked upon the path of love and harmony. 

Bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and my love, my love is with you all. God bless you.