Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 8, 2019
Location: Sydney, AU

I am Seretta Kem. How blessed you are. How very blessed you are. The high angels of the Celestial Heavens come to visit you numerous times in your life, continuing to uphold and support you in your work, and to bring their Truth through your gifts. Do you see how blessed you are, my friends? Though these things are becoming such a normalcy in your life, it is truly a great blessing. That blessing has come partially because you have opened the door. You understand the way in which this may be accomplished and have exercised this truth in your lives.

How many in your world are so knowledgeable and clear and blessed as you are? Very few indeed. To take this knowledge to others, to share this experience with others, to be available to them so that they may ask of you the Truth and share with you this bounty of blessings, so you then help to awaken humanity in this humble yet powerful gathering of souls in Circles of Light. How blessed you will be each time you gather in this way. How blessed will be those who join you. It does not matter their frame of mind, merely that their hearts and souls are open to this great blessing from God. Though they may indeed resist within their minds, the skepticism of your world influencing their thoughts and receptivity, know that you have given them a great opportunity and blessing to be opened to the highest Truth of the universe. You cannot be faulted when another turns away. It is their choice and you understand the power of free will.

But those who sit with the Truth of God’s Love and horde it for themselves, afraid of the world, pulling back from the possibility of sharing this Great Truth, they are the ones who will have deep regrets when their time comes to pass into spirit. Encourage others, beloved souls, encourage all who are a part of this great Truth to seek to share this Truth with others, in whatever way that is appropriate and effective.

It does not mean that you must stand on a pulpit and scream out the Truth of God’s Love to thousands. This is not the common way that God uses His instruments, although there may be times when you will speak to thousands. As you have been told, many thousands have heard you from spirit. But in these humble circles that you gather together in your honest and heartfelt ways, you do God’s work and you bring a powerful Light into the midst of those who are present. Know that you do God’s work and that you do so trusting in the Will of God, the plan that God has, the intention that is expressed in this effort, desire to serve.

Yes, beloved souls, when your time comes to pass, you will see more clearly what a wonderful work you have done, how you have truly made great effort to serve God, and that you have brought opportunities to your brothers and sisters to experience and know the Love of God. You cannot see how the ripples of these efforts spread out and expand in your world. But in time, that knowledge will come. In time, you will see, as that wave has circled the globe and come back to you and you will understand the power of expressing, speaking of, sharing in your love the Truth of God’s Love.

Blessings to you, my friends, and know that I will come to speak in your circles and others will as well, to help you to cement the knowledge of this Truth in the minds of those you meet.

May God bless you, beloved souls. Seretta Kem, by your side, always. God bless you.