Spirit: Lao Tzu
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 13, 2020
Location: Houston, TX

Fellow souls of light, I am Lao Tzu. There is a great upheaval in the world, especially in the East as you call it, where the great promise of materialism is not bringing the relief to people suffering as once thought. The superstitions of old religions and ideas are being dispelled. Much is changing in this part of the world, as it is in your part. The entire world is being disrupted with great change and challenges.

It is time for the world to put down its biases, its ignorance, its lack of understanding, and come to a place of acknowledgment that every soul upon this planet is a child of God. No matter the culture, the religion, the ideas that come from the mind, every soul recognizes God. Every soul has the possibility of recognizing all their brothers and sisters. In this way, all are family in this world. It is merely the mind, the ideas, the perspective, and the perceptions of the mind that make the difference, that create the barriers with one another.

So many see the mind as the ultimate source of truth. Yet, there is something deeper within every soul. There is the capacity to see the world from the perspective of unity and truth. It is beyond the mind. It does not need to engage the mind. It is the place in which God, the Source of All, and humanity, each individual soul, may communicate and understand the true source of life and meaning of life.

So few are willing to accept this or delve further and deeper into the Truth of the soul. Most upon your world are so deeply entrenched within the perspective of the mind that they cannot see beyond this place. They do not understand or know how to go deeper. Even with what you call meditation, most continue to experience aspects of the mind that are somewhat spiritually enlightening, but do not go to the heart of the matter.

It is the great potential of the soul that must be discovered by all, understood and experienced so that humanity, in its course of evolution may go beyond the limited perceptions of the mind to that place where perception is unlimited, where the possibilities are untold and great. But the soul needs to be awakened. The soul requires the Touch of God. For, it is this relationship between the soul of humanity and the Soul of God that brings the truth and the possibilities of the perceptions of the soul, the truth of the soul.

You must come to this realization. For I believe that each one of you wishes that the strife of this world, the inharmonious nature of this world, will be transformed into light and harmony. The higher spirits and angels of the heavens are coming in great numbers to your world in anticipation of great change and opportunity to awaken humanity to these potentials of the soul.  So, we come to you to speak, to share our wisdom.

Throughout the world, throughout many cultures, there is an acknowledgment of the power of prayer. This is the threshold to change. This awakens that channel between the mind and the soul, and the soul and God. Though the idea of prayer is different for many cultures and the understanding of what prayer is, is indeed diverse. Often prayer becomes a function of the mind primarily and does not go further. For, repetitive words without feeling, without intent, without desire, do not escape beyond the breath of the mind. So it is important, beautiful souls that you are, to acknowledge that prayer must go deeper, must have within it the yearnings of the soul. A simple prayer in this way, has far greater power than one recited from the mind. Yet, you all begin with the mind, you all come to truth through your minds. It is difficult to break through the barriers of the mind’s constrictions and restrictions to Truth. It is better for the innocent child to go to God, for the innocent child knows instinctively how to do so. It is when you are all educated and indoctrinated in certain ideas that often the barriers are erected and the understanding of the soul is lost.

In many ways, for humanity to understand its relationship with the Creator, they must start from nothing, to put aside all the precepts and assumptions of the mind and come to God with one feeling, a feeling of need, a sense of yearning, a desire for connection. In this way, the door then swings open as the prayer is given, with words or not, but given nonetheless from that place, that deep place. For those who are not used to praying, who do not understand the dynamics of prayer, I give you this suggestion, to begin in a simple way, trusting that in this simple yearning or words of the heart, you will find an answer to your prayer. You will come to know that God indeed is listening, that God indeed knows you, knows you very well indeed, greater than you know yourself.

In this first step, this trusting attitude, as you come to God in all innocence, in simplicity, then many blessings may come. Much Truth that you seek will be given. You will come to understand many things, not just from the mind but also from your soul. You will unlock many secrets and Truths that will carry you through life in a way that will bring harmony and bring wisdom.

The Essence of God is Love, my beloved friends. So, to seek the Love of God is to seek the Essence of God, and this Essence is a gift. It may come from God’s Soul and enter your soul. In this way, something is awakened within you that will continue to encourage and guide you through your searching and efforts to be with God. For, it is this gift of Love, this Energy of God that will awaken the soul and bring those faculties of the soul, the abilities and gifts of the soul, into alignment and empower them so that they may indeed inform your journey, your search, your sojourn towards greater light.

This Truth is not a truth of any particular religion, but is a Truth of the universe, that the universe is made of love and that the Source of that Love is the Creator of All, that you may indeed come to know this highest and purest of blessings and bring this into your being that it may awaken you and show you the way to true harmony and light.

So I encourage you, my friends. I encourage you upon your journey, for each of you to seek Light. Each of you have come a certain distance towards Light and Truth. I wish for you to hear my words. Though these words are very different from what I have spoken when I walked the Earth so many years ago, but truth continues to evolve and to open to each soul upon their journey. I come to share with you what I have learned. Since I continue to be alive in the world of spirit, I have come and entered into the world of heaven, the Celestial Kingdom. So I feel qualified to share with you these Truths, to hopefully inspire you to open further to spiritual Truth.

I am Lao Tzu. I give my blessings to you and my prayer is that you will continue to grow in Love and Light, that you may awaken to the possibilities and the power of God’s Love, this great Essence that is with you but seeks for you to invite it in, to bring it within your soul. May you come to know prayer as the key that will unlock this door. May you come to know your true selves, those hidden aspects of you which we call soul. For within you is a deep longing, a yearning to be awakened, to be free from the constrictions of your mind and come to that place of great awakening and joy. That you may find a happiness within you that is beyond description, that you may come to know a Truth that is of the highest order, that you may come to God and realize the great benefits and blessings that come from this relationship.

May you be blessed, my friends, opened and awakened, shown the way to Light. I am your humble servant and teacher. I come to be with my friends on this Earth. I am Lao Tzu. Blessings to you all, blessings indeed. My love is with you.