Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 13, 2020
Location: Houston, TX

I hear your question, dear brother. I understand that you have a deep desire for more complex information and understanding of the Laws of Spirit and the Laws of God’s Love for you may be able to teach and share vital information to those you talk to that will assist them in their development of soul.

My dear friend, for thousands of years, spirits have been communicating with mortals. Depending upon the level of that communication, much information has been shared. Millions upon millions of words have been spoken about the many subjects of which you are interested in. Indeed it is difficult to wade through all of this sea of words and ideas and concepts and distill these things into, let us say, a great book of Truth. We would indeed love to see such a book on Earth. But I tell you my friend, that if such a book existed, very few in your world would have the perception and soul capacity to understand it. It would be beyond your capacity to truly understand the language of the soul and the mechanics of the soul. You are all babes in the woods as you continue upon this route of soul awakening and understanding these aspects of soul.

We in spirit, the Celestial Angels, must feed you drop by drop. Of course some are further along the journey than others. Some are more receptive than others. Some are more perceptive than others. But when you gather together a group of individuals, who are indeed on different levels of soul progression, we must speak to the lowest common denominator. We cannot, with clear conscience, leave out the needs of the souls who has gathered together in these prayer circles, these Circles of Light, and speak to someone who has a desire for something deeper or more complex in nature.

This instrument does not believe that he could deliver such complex information, but I say he is quite capable and could do so, given the right conditions and the right intention. But who would read this book? Who would listen to these words? Who would truly understand the meaning of them? For our challenge to communicate through a medium, as you call them, or another individual who resides upon this world, through the many ways that we may communicate, is to convert the language and Truth of the soul to that of the mind. For you are all communicating through this mindful level and way of conversing.

It is a great hindrance for us. If the truth were expressed in mathematics, how many would understand? If the truth were conversed in ways of a language not understood or known in your day and age, how valuable would that effort be? As it is, we are well-satisfied with what is given, for when truth is conveyed in simple terms, it may be understood by all. This is our goal: to communicate to all in ways that is understandable and may be put into practice easily.

You ask, is there a way to speed up the process, as you say. I say to you, my brother, no there is not. It is the effort of prayer, the effort of receiving the great Love of God and allowing its blessings and energies, transformative qualities, to change the soul and awaken the faculties of the soul. This has never been accomplished quickly, except for our dear beloved Master Jesus, who was born with a pure soul. None of you have benefited from this great gift from God. From the moment of your conception to the moment you have committed yourself to seek spiritually, you are burdened by error and pain and darkness to some degree. These are your obstacles, not the mental understanding, the intellectual realisation of a truth which is the simplest step to take. The greatest step is in the work that is required to purify the soul and to bring the mind into alignment with Truth, to walk the Truth as we say often, to be in the Grace of God’s Love, to awaken those beautiful potentials of the soul and not readily done in your world, my friend. It is difficult indeed, for there are many distractions, many things that hold an individual soul from Truth.

I know you would like some formula by which you may, for the other individual, clear away these obstructions, bring that great awareness, that great inspiration to the soul of that beautiful seeker of Truth. Yes, we wish the same, my dear brother. We would like to and we do, clear away much of the obstructions of the soul in our efforts to assist another upon this journey of awakening. So we guide many. We work with many on your Earth plane. We seek to inspire, to uplift and uphold in light those who are willing to put aside their resistance and mistrust and fear, instead to walk in faith, to be in the flow of Light, to be close to the great Source of all Love and to seek that which will heal the soul and awaken the soul. But because of the conditions of your world, there are many obstructions and challenges.

I know that many of you here have a great ambition to spread the Truth of this Love that you know will heal the world and heal each individual within it and bring all to reconcile with God and God’s Laws. These are noble ambitions. These desires and intentions draw the angels close. You receive the assistance and tutoring and awarenesses that you need in order to do your work, in order to fulfill this desire to serve God, in order to open the channels that will bring you to the awareness of God‘s Will. But you cannot step from ignorance into Grace and Truth overnight. It requires effort. It requires understanding the Laws of Creation.

We have made great efforts in the world to bring forth the understanding of these laws for all to read and comprehend. For in this world, it is the mind that needs to know the Truth first, in order that it may sink into the soul and become a solid and unyielding awareness of Truth. It cannot be done any other way, beloved souls.

You have all gone through this process. You have all sought for Truth, struggled for Truth, come to gain a measure of Truth. Some of you have done so by praying for the gift of God’s Love to open the way for this understanding. Some of you have taken the route of the intellectual pursuit of Truth. In this way, particular Truth may be gained or not gained. In this way, the intellectual understanding of Truth will bring you to a place of contentment in regards to your search. But I say to you, all of you, that the depth and breadth of Truth cannot be gained solely with the mind, but must enter into the realms of the soul. It is the capacities of the soul that will bring a greater awareness and understanding, an infusion of Truth that is understood by the faculties of soul. Just as you see the world with your physical capacities and your mental capacities, and make great sense of the world with these God-given gifts, so the world of God, the world of spiritual understanding, the world of universal Truth must be discovered as the faculties of the soul are awakened.

I understand that some of you would like to dissect the faculties of the soul and to know of these things in more detail. Yet, utilising the intellectual capacities of this instrument, or of most mediums who are on this world, would be a very difficult endeavor. As I have said, to truly understand these things, one must use the language of the soul rather than the language of the mind. So we are confronting a dilemma. That this information may come as a soul grows and awakens in Love and comes to that place of being fully alive and functional. Then the understanding is gleaned from the experience of a soul in communication with the great Soul of God.

Some of you have had these insights and experiences. When they are deep and rich and filled with all manner of information, when there is a revelation given, do you not find it difficult to communicate this experience, to relate into words what is essentially wordless, to know the great insights of the soul and convert what you have experienced into language and words? There are those who have walked the Earth who are gifted in this way. But even they must use examples and allegories and words that paint a picture so that others may understand. But that Truth, in its essence, must be recognised by the soul and will be recognised by each of you, provided you walk the path of soul awakening and receive this great Essence of God within.

In my day, I was a gifted speaker. Today, I speak through this instrument and there is a strong rapport between the two of us. Yet, I feel that I have only scratched the surface of what needs and can be conveyed in terms of Truth. It is not that either of us are willing to speak the Truth, for this is not the case. But in order for greater Truth and deeper truth to be understood, there must be greater soul development amongst you so that this may be given.

We are not willing to go too deeply into these matters for fear that they will be misunderstood, and that this will be a distraction of sorts from your pursuit of the soul. Too many words, my friends, have been spoken and shared over the ages, and misinterpreted greatly in the process. Our desire is that when Truth is given, it will not be distorted, but understood fully by those who are receiving it and who wish to live it. For as you grow and awaken in this Truth, so more is given. The soul is able to receive this greater succor of Truth. But until the soul is developed in its capacities and abilities to receive, it cannot be given. This is a Law, my beloved friends.

I would urge you all to be patient, to be faithful, and to live the Laws of Love, to receive the great gift of the Divine Love to such a degree that many Truths and revelations will be given to you, that you are capable to receive such things. With this capacity will come a wisdom and ability to share them in ways that others may understand. But until that day comes, we must wait, we must wait. God must wait. The world must wait for greater revelations.

Our desire is to uplift all,  to bring all into Truth, to fulfill the desires of the soul for greater Truth. God will do so in His wisdom and timing and these things will come. Until that time comes, take in what is given as precious and a beautiful gift of Love. God has made it possible for his angels to descend to the darkend realms of your world, and speak to you thus, in words of love and encouragement and Truth. This can only grow as you grow. This can only expand as your souls expand in the Fathers Love.

We will not put the cart before the horse, as you may say. We will not stretch beyond your capacities to understand truth. We will not send you into light that is beyond that which you can withstand and sustain. Your responsibility, beloved souls, is to grow step by step in God’s Love.

This is not an intellectual exercise. This is a deeply feeling, emotional, soulful journey to God. It cannot be any simpler than that, for all of you are capable of following that journey and expressing that journey to your brothers and sisters. It is done in acts of love, in words of wisdom and encouragement. It is done by the Grace of God. It  does not require great volumes of explanation. This does not feed the soul. We are not making this effort to exclusively feed the mind, for we are guardians of the soul. We are teachers of the soul. We are God‘s instruments to assist humanity to awaken the soul. This we shall do, as shall you, my friends.

Find your own soul. Seek to awaken your soul and reconcile your soul with God and in these things, you will find great joy and contentment. It is not difficult, but you must put aside those things that distract, those things cause you great consternation or puzzlement. It is best that you walk into the Light of God’s Love and seek to be awakened in His Love. As you seek, so your faith will grow and so your soul will find the succor that it so greatly desires: the Love of God. The Love of God, my friends, is what you truly desire.

May you find all the answers you seek through the faculties of your soul. May the faculties of your soul grow in alignment with the efforts of prayer and desire to receive God’s Love. May God bless you on that journey. I am Josephus, my love is with you.

My dear friend, do you have any other questions? I know that I have answered this one in a roundabout way, but I do not see any other way to speak the Truth than what I have said.

Question: “[Well first of all, I want to thank you very much. I understand the difficulty in this. And I understand that when you say that you have to start with the lowest denomination of this. I do have a question, which came to mind earlier here when I said that about different one born into this world with a certain damaged energy in their soul and body. And one of things that I realised is that we don’t always honour those that we feel that is more basal compared to those that we see that is more intellectual or more heartfelt compassion. From your perspective, am I on the right track of understanding?]“

Your soul is beginning to open, beloved son, and you are seeing things from that perspective. As you do so, you must interpret what you perceive with your mind, make sense, as you will, of what you perceive. I must say that the core of your perception is Truth. You surround that core of Truth with mindful acknowledgment, and then you wish to extrapolate upon that Truth with your mind. This is a most precarious process, for it is easy to misinterpret that kernel of Truth within your mind and see its Truth demonstrated in the world. To some degree you are correct my son, but to some degree you are not. But you must have faith that as you continue to grow in this way and this perception, that the Truth will become more clear as you continue. The mind, however, can control and make that decision, that choice, to ignore the possibility of expanding the truth that is known, and feel as if its conclusions are correct and fully in alignment with Truth. So you, and all those who seek Truth, must realise that you have only a portion and that, in time, Truth needs to expand and evolve and grow into your consciousness so that you may be able to teach more fully, more extensively the Truth that you know.

We will help you, my son, to come to the understandings that you desire to come to. God’s desire is that you know Truth and God will not withhold Truth from you. You have come to realise that that road towards truth is your own unique road to understanding.  That through your faith, your efforts, your gifts, and your ways in the world, you will come to greater truth, provided you are humble and allow all that you see to be refined and clarified by your growing soul in relationship with God. The Truth will expand andunderstanding will be clear. The ways and means of serving others in love will intensify as you grow in this gift and as you grow in your loving relationship with God.

So I say to you, my beloved friend, you are on the right track. You are walking the road that you are meant to walk upon. I suggest that you continue walking. Continue upon that journey and all answers will come, all understanding will be given. You will find yourself in the position to teach, to heal, to share with others through your gifts, through service to God, through all that is made available to you to work to bring greater light to the world. Provided your intentions are for the highest, so you will be gifted with all that is of God.

May God bless you on that journey my friend. “[Thank you.]“ And now I believe we will conclude our time together. My hope is that those in this little Circle of Light may have gleaned some insight and some inspiration, some understanding. I know that we have dealt with somewhat complex matters. Listen to your soul. My hope is that these words will be recorded, that you may read them again, and possibly many times, to glean the understanding of the things of which I speak. God will bless you all with Truth, my friends. This is God‘s Will. For when a soul is sincere in its seeking, God will bless that soul with Truth and Love. May you find all that you seek and come to know your true selves in all its beauty and glory. And I, in my own way, will come to assist you upon that journey. God bless you beloved, beautiful souls, may God bless you deeply in His Love. I am Josephus and I love you dearly. God bless you.