Spirit: John Wesley
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 11, 2020
Location: Monroeville Methodist Church, Monroeville PA

May God’s blessings rain upon you. I am John Wesley. I’ve come to congratulate you all on your efforts and desire to be in alignment with God and to be fair and good citizens of this land. I am pleased to see that my ideas and doctrines have indeed spread far and wide, that there are those who are uplifted and inspired by the ideas of Methodism and continue to seek within their hearts and souls the Truth of God.

I wish to say that your efforts to bring a more liberal viewpoint of the world, more love for one another, more acceptance and inclusion to those who wish to come to join this family, this church is applauded by me. For, is not all truth based in love and acceptance and a deep and sincere relationship with God to invite the Holy Spirit to touch the souls of all who pray together in this church, to invite the words of Jesus to be lived by all who claim to be a part of this church, to bring the doctrine of love to the forefront, for this is the true expression of my words?

Though I have not spoken truth in all cases, I did attempt to bring clarity to the Scriptures and words of Jesus in my time, these clarifications and efforts to walk a straighter path in the light and spoken words of the Master of Truth who is Jesus Christ our Saviour. In these times, it is important to gather those teachings that are relevant and practice them, but also to be open to changes in perspective, to be open to ways that are more inclusive, to reflect the culture in ways of these modern times.

I stress, my friends, that it is love that is the glue of any church. It is love that must be stressed in the world at this time, for is this not what all who dwell upon the Earth need the most? When a church can open its doors and proclaim love to each who walks through them, when a church can include all who are in need of support and guidance and truth, then to that church is the blessings of God, that church fulfils the desires of God to bless and nurture His children.

Listen to your hearts, my beloved friends. Seek the way of Truth. Seek the surety of your own soul that knows its relationship with its Creator. Seek the highest of all Loves, the Love that I barely understood when I walked this Earth, that is the great Love of God. Though I may have mentioned and preached this Truth to some degree, I had no true idea of its power and glory. The Love of God is the greatest of all blessings. I urge you as you are doing today and as you have done in previous days and will continue to do so, seek this great gift of God’s blessing, His Benediction upon your soul that His Love may rain down upon you, beloveds, that His Love may transform you.

I’ve come to know this Truth as I have engaged in my journey of Truth in the world of spirit. I have come to know and have come to meet the beloved Master of all, which is Jesus. Now I see more clearly the Truth of the matter. I encourage all to love one another that this innate love that you all carry will indeed uplift and enhance the lives of one another. But, the greatest Love, the Love of God which is available to all, will not only enhance the lives of those who seek it but transform the perspective and expression of each who are upon this Path of Love.

It is the highest blessing and it is for the greatest good. It is not difficult to receive nor to understand. There are no mysteries here, my friends, but a great clarity of Truth. If I had understood this Truth more clearly, I would have preached and shouted it to the rooftops. I would have insisted that all must seek this great Benediction of the soul. But, alas, I was confined by my beliefs, by what I thought was true and therefore I had missed a vital point of Truth in this regard.

Now I wish to declare to you, to all who are part of this great church, that it is love in all its forms that will save humanity from its darkened condition and the Love of God is the greatest of all gifts that will redeem the soul as Jesus preached and continues to preach. This is the great Truth that humanity must come to know, that every church, every religious organization must come to realize that it is not the words that proliferate in the Good Book that are the keys salvation. It never was and never will be. But it is the words of prayer put forth to God and sincerity and deep desire and longing for the Breath of God to enter the soul. This is the key to salvation. This is the key to the upliftment and cleansing of the hearts of all. May you long for this great Blessing. May you see it in your own eyes, understanding that this is true. May you feel within your hearts the Touch of God, His Love warming your hearts and bringing you to deep joy.

So I urge you all my friends, to continue with this work, to proliferate love in this church and wherever you go, that love is the key to all the strife in your world, that love is the agent of change that brings harmony and peace, that love is the way in which you may know God. For God is Love and God’s Love is a gift meant for each of you.

May God bless you, my friends. May God bless you, keep you in light, in peace and in joy. For all is meant for each soul on this world, all good and wondrous gifts, all blessings, anointings, healings. Peace is meant and comes with this gift of Love. May God bless you my friends and keep you upon your path to God. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for upholding this church. May you continue to do so to support your brothers sisters in the way and power of Love.

God bless you. I am Wesley. My love is with you and I now inhabit the Celestial Kingdom, redeemed child of God. God bless you.