Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 10, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

God bless you deeply within your souls, my friends. I am Keea Atta Kem. There is much coming to your world as God continues to bless this world with activating energies that will affect all of you, opening your souls wider to His Touch and Blessing upon you, bringing to you deeper insights and deep experiences of soul to God and God to soul, so that you may see more clearly your own perfect, beautiful soul in all its light and glory. In this seeing and knowing within your soul, you will come to see and know God, His Great Soul. As His Love continues to wash over you, to bring to you the upliftment, the healing, the changes, transformation that come with His Love, so the world will be seen differently through your eyes , so that what is important to you will shift. What is beautiful to you will be through the eyes of the spirit. The wisdom of your soul will inform you as the changes of the world come about so that you will see why and for what purpose. This will give you great compassion for your brothers and sisters. You will see how the whole world is changing and transforming by the Touch of God. In this, you will know a joy, a deep sense that all is right and all is meant to be. This will give you peace.

With the opening of your souls wider, ever wider to God’s Love, you will come to know your purpose, your gifts, your unique nature and abilities that God has given to each one of you. These gifts are meant to be utilised and expressed in the world. God will place before you the opportunities so that you may indeed be an active agent of God, His instrument in this world. What a gift this is, beloved souls, for God to act through you for the betterment of humanity and all the world. The only thing that may hold you from this is yourself, your own reticence and reluctance to be that channel of Love.

It is easier I know, to be quiet, to walk peacefully in the flow of God’s Love, to be meek and without that strong expression that brings attention to you. Yet, for some, it is meant that you are known and seen by others. For how can you teach without speaking? How can you be in the world as a light without shining your light forward and expressing your true selves, your beautiful souls, in the world?

The beloved Master walked the world as a light. He brought the Truth to his brothers and sisters. He was strong and did not hold back, but expressed himself with wisdom and guidance. At times, he was silent, but only because his silence spoke more than words. At times, he spoke, challenging others. But indeed, for all those conditions that were then and now, someone needs to speak of Truth and express love.

The human condition has for too long dominated this world of yours. The reality of the minds of men which is so distorted, so far away from the Truths of God and the Laws of God, must be silenced so that Truth may emerge within the souls of those who are receptive and desire to be a true expression of what they are meant to be in the world.

For those who are strong enough, who are willing, who have the Grace of God within them and all about them, they will be the teachers. They will be the channels of God’s Love, Truth. All will flow from those who are willing. All will manifest through the beautiful souls of the ones who acknowledge the Will of God. God needs as many as possible to take this flame and walk forward through the changes, conditions of this world that are shifting, that require God’s Will to manifest and bring to harmony all that is of God, all that is meant to be in your world.

Unfortunately, it requires severe conditions and changes to gain the attention of humanity, so to bring forth the questioning soul, that they may see things differently and be receptive to all that which is meant to come to assist humanity to grow and awaken. You are all being prepared as you continue to forge these bonds together, pray together, and be together in love. So, you are being prepared and God blesses you with deeper insight, greater Love, courage, strength, insight, love for all. These things are growing within your souls, beloveds. The beauty of your soul emerges and you are coming to recognize that beauty and that light.

So much still awaits you. As you are ready to receive, as you are willing to open your eyes and to accept the gifts that God has to give to you, so this will grow and a great shift of consciousness, of awareness, of truth will come to you, clarifying all of your questions, bringing to you what is true, showing you the way to God and allowing those hidden treasures of your soul to emerge and be expressed in the world.

So much is still to come and yet you have your feet firmly planted upon the Divine Path. You are walking each day towards greater Light, towards God. Nothing will stop you, beloved souls, nothing will stop you. You are destined to be a true child of the Heavenly Father. You are destined to awaken to all the wonderment of God, all the joys and glories of knowing your Creator and knowing what God has created within you.

May God bless you upon that journey, my friends. You are truly loved. How fortunate you are to have the angels by your side, to be a soul that is in the process of being redeemed in Love, awakened in Love, healed in Love. So it will progress day by day, moment by moment, prayer by prayer. You continue to come to God and drink of these Living Waters, and you will be blessed deeply and fully, abundantly and powerfully.

God bless you, my friends. I am Keea Atta Kem. My love is with you. I am your friend. I help to guide you through. May God bless you.