Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 14, 2020
Location: Houston, TX

…..touch your soul with the Essence of God, His Love. I come. I am Jesus. I come to bring to you upliftment and the blessings of light and peace. Beloved souls, may you engage in stoking the fires of your soul. May you come to understand the power of your soulful longing and desire to receive that great gift of Love. It is God’s Essence drawn from Him and given to you, these great Living Waters that run so deep, they are infinite, that may be given to each one of you as you continue to long and pray for this blessing.

Stoke the fires of your souls with prayer and longing. Yes, I hear your cries, for the children of this world, for so many who suffer and are lost, so many in confusion and darkness, so many in need of God yet cannot stretch the divide between their dark and confused minds and the Light of God that may assuage all these conditions and bring healing to them.

Prayer is a powerful vehicle for this, my beloved brothers and sisters, as is your intention as you reach out in compassion and love. As you acknowledge those who are lost, as you the lost souls as a channel of God’s Love, so you will bring comfort, so you will bring peace, so you will bring understanding to those who are indeed lost, in deep darkness, confusion, and are subject to the torments of the evil ones who exist in your world and ours. But, you, my beloved brothers and sisters, must maintain a light within you and must be strong, forthright in truth. For you cannot help another soul unless you have sustained within you a deep relationship with the Creator and all that comes with this Touch from God.

Without this awareness awakening, the Truth burning within you, the Love glowing, and expanding forth from you, you cannot be God’s instruments. It is crucial that you walk this path in prayer and love, healing, and releasing of all conditions that are not of Love, for your own personal soul and your being. Each of you longs for this blessing. Each of you desires deeply to serve in the world, to dispel the darkness as an instrument of God’s Will. So, one must come humbly to God, beseeching God’s blessings, being with God in this great desire and venture to be a channel of healing and grace and peace for your brothers and sisters.

There is indeed a hierarchy. The highest is God’s Great Soul. Next to this are the Angels of God, the Celestial Angels. Then there are the bright Spirits of the Spiritual Planes. Then there are those who are seeking Light and have a measure of Light. Then there are those who are dark and lost in the greyness and the blackness that surrounds your Earth plane. Those who to some measure are in the earthly conditions and darkness. Keep in mind this hierarchy, beloved souls, as you seek for your own spiritual edification and growth. I urge you to seek for the highest, to go to God, to seek God’s ministrations upon your soul.

Through the blessing of His Love, all that comes within this gift will be given to each of you. All truth will be given. All understanding will be realised. All power to heal and bless another will come as you forge a relationship with God. That relationship is based upon the great blessing of His Love awakening the soul and bringing harmony within you.

The Laws of Love are not complicated, but simple. Within your soul is a knowledge, a keen perception of what is in harmony with love. You must learn to trust this capacity and faculty within you. You will come to know this part of you that is a keen observer of the Laws of God and understands intuitively and reflexively these Truths. Train your mind, my beloved beautiful brothers and sisters, to know those wisdoms and gifts of the soul that constantly make great effort to penetrate your mind, your consciousness. As you continue to grow in the Father’s Love, so the strength of your soul and the capacities of your soul will awaken your mind, awaken your mind to all that is of Truth and of harmony with the Laws of His Creation and the Laws of Love.

These things come in the great flow of God’s Touch upon your soul. These things are awakened as you continue to seek that awakening and trust that God has you firmly in His grasp and will carry you and uphold you and uplift you in Light and Truth. Nothing is withheld from you, beloved souls, nothing, but must come in accordance in the power of your own soul’s capacity to understand and absorb these Truths and to express these Truths through your being, all that you are in this world and the next.

Every soul has doubt. Every soul continues to seek Truth in a myriad of ways. But I urge you who have faith in your own capacity to recognize Truth, to understand the capacities of your souls, to operate in the flow of Truth and Light and Love. God will guide you, beloveds. God will show you the way beyond those forests of doubt and confusion, beyond even the mind’s need for intellectual truth, to that place that brings the awakening of the soul to Truth, to God, that your minds will in time, capitulate to the Truth of the soul. I urge you to pray for this, beloveds, to pray that there will be a great shift within you that will carry you to greater Truth and greater understanding of your own natures, you own true selves, your soul.

This is the journey of Divine Love, the journey of soul awakening, the way of Truth that is beyond the truth of the mind that encapsulates all Truth, the multidimensional aspects of truth that exist in God’s Universe. These things will be given in accordance to your efforts in prayer and longing and acceptance and love expressed in all its fullness and richness of a soul touched by the Divine. God’s Love is available to each soul. God’s Love exists everywhere. It is for you to drink it in, absorb it into your being, and continue to long for it as God continues to feed you His Essence in order to awaken you and bring you into alignment with Him.

May you find you way beloved souls, each of you beautiful and loved by God deeply. God is waiting to nurture you, to bless you. God’s great Love for you is beyond your capacity to comprehend at this time but you will find your way. You will find your way and know that I will be with you upon that journey as will many Angel for a soul who seeks this Truth in this world of yours is precious to God and to the Angels and will be nurtured and protected, guided and blessed greatly as they come to emerge from that place of ignorance and unknowing to that place of awakening and realisation of all Truth of the great and wonderment of God’s existence and all that is of God. The sense of harmony will come from the inner-vision of the soul.

May you come to see this in all its wonderment. May your eyes open to Truth, your souls revel in Love, feeling the joy, feeling and knowing all the dimensions and aspects of Love. May God bless you, beloved souls. May you come to know us and know God and know your true selves for much is to come upon your journeys that will never end upon this Divine Path to at-onement with God.

God bless you. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and I come to teach and assure you that each is worthy and is indeed receiving the great blessings of God. God Bless you. My love, my love is with you all. God’s Love encompasses you all. You are being blessed.