Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 15, 2020
Location: Houston, TX

Yes.  I am Josephus and I will entertain questions from you, beloved friends. Our beloved teacher, Keea, has given you the essence of the message that we intend to give to you and others because it is important to recognize the reasons and means by which God will bring change to your world and healing. So she has spoken to you in loving ways about the conditions that are difficult to recognize and accept.  So, my friends, what is it that you wish to ask?

Question:  How much do we need to know and understand about the darkness in order to gain more light and appreciate the light?

All you need to know about the darkness is that which you have experienced in your own life, that each of you have experienced the darkness in your own way and at times in your life. Each of you have been subject to dark influences.  Each of you have struggled with these conditions of the Earth plane which are dark.  Surely through your experiences you have learned much in regards to what is a predominant condition in your world and conditions that have been a part of your own inner life that have caused you pain, suffering, and great challenge.

Yet, you have come to realize the antidote to these conditions and that is to bring the light within your soul through prayer, to open to God that God’s blessings may come and infill you. With this will come deeper perceptions and with deeper perceptions will come a more delineated understanding of dark and light, of truth and error, of God and that which is not of God. These things will come with the faculties of the soul awakening, the discernment of the soul coming alive. The experiences you have had even in the past, rethought and perceived through these mechanisms of soul give to you great understanding, helping you to realize the lessons God has placed before you in your life and to gain wisdom from these recollections and experiences and awakenings so that you may travel through life with your eyes open rather than shut,  with your perceptions awakened. All of these gifts that you have within you, each of you, will come awake and will take their place within this great spectrum, this beautiful fan that is within your soul, each feather within that fan alive with its own colors and hues and qualities that you may use to bring to you greater wisdom and experience and be used through you to help your brothers and sisters. It is not a matter of formulating a way in which to do this.  It is more a matter of recognizing what is within you and allowing those gifts and qualities within you to shine, to truly come alive, creating a beautiful opening within your soul of gifts divinely placed and ignited by God. 

Are there other questions, beloved souls?

Question: Yes, Josephus. I have a question. There is a lot of discussion about the chakras and energies and I understand that there is a total of 12 chakras. Can you elaborate as far as the chakra energies and how it may be used with an awakened soul?

These things that you speak of are of the spirit body and in fact there are more chakras than the numbers that you have described or prescribed to the spirit body. As the soul grows and is energized so other aspects of the spirit body will respond and come awake within this awakening process. Of course, as you understand, these aspects of the spirit body have their functions and are utilized in different ways and also help to keep the spirit body in alignment and strengthened in light and capacities and gifts will be magnified through these areas within the spirit body. As the soul expresses its gifts, so the gifts are in alignment and attunement with these various energy centers of the body and expressed thus through the body, the spirit body which I am describing and also through the physical body. 

All of these things when in alignment create powerful avenues of expression through each mortal. It does not require an awakened soul to utilize these energies of the bodies. But with an awakened soul, so these energies are magnified and somewhat transformed and affected by the soul. So, healings, visions, perceptions, feelings, understanding of Truth, mental capacities, physical vitality, these things are a result of  centers of energy that each body contains, the spiritual body.

There is much that will manifest through these parts of yourself. God can use these aspects of yourself to not only enhance your own experience of life but to be channels of blessings for others. For your energies, your aura as you call them, are affecting those around you. Many of these effects are subtle and often unrecognized as you are focused upon your material experience in life, utilising your mind primarily and your five senses. Yet, all of these other aspects of your being, your physical body, may I say, because we perceive the spirit body as the physical body as well as the flesh body, it is the spirit body that remains after death and continues on.  When a soul is awakened and the faculties of the soul come alive, it becomes easier to recognize these different aspects of the two bodies that you have. There is a great sensitivity to these things, a sense of their operations, a knowledge of what is in ascendency and what is, for the moment, in decline. So, this information can help you  to live your life in harmony with these bodies that you possess. 

We do not often focus upon these things because for many, this level of awareness, sensitivity does not yet exist, so we urge the soul to continue to awaken and that this be your focus but also we help you with these different areas in your bodies. We help to attune these energies, these aspects of your being.  We bless you with many things that you are not aware of. We are aware of all of these levels and aspects of your existence as in individuated soul. So we make great effort to assist and nurture you in many ways that you are not aware nor is it particularly necessary that you be aware unless as with this dear son ( D) who has a great interest and also utilises these gifts in this way for the benefit of others, so this knowledge is helpful in assisting him in his work.

This will continue to grow, my son, this will continue to grow. These understandings and visions and perceptions of things that you possess as an individuated soul will continue to awaken and intensify and become more powerful. Yes, there is much to know my son. There much to know but it is important also to place your relationship with God foremost in this.

For all of you wish to be with the highest of blessings, with the greatest of good in alignment with God’s Will manifested through you. So, it will be with this balance of soul and mind, body and mind coming together in harmony and alignment so that all functions with such grace and beauty and light that you will become a powerful channel of healing and Love, of Truth and wisdom. As these things within you are in alignment, so the power of the manifestation of your gifts and your light will become greater and greater as the light of your soul grows through prayer. For this is what nurtures all, is it not?  This transformative gift from God, the Divine Love, awakens all of these things, brings harmony to all of these aspects, showing the way to the manifestations of your gifts and bringing to you the realisation of their power, their beauty and their purpose. 

Thank you, beloved souls. I believe that we have spoken enough today. I hope we have answered some of your questions. I know for some of you who have deep intellects, there is a desire for more complex explanation of some things such as the mechanics of the spiritual but I believe that we have given to you adequate information to consider and maybe another time we may add as we go along on this journey of soul awakening and spiritual understanding. 

May you continue to grow in God’s Love. In this growing and expanding, so the answers and the visions, the true understanding will come and infuse within your consciousness such a deep knowing of Truth that it will be unshakeable but also will expand as your souls expand. May God bless you upon that journey, my friends. 

I am Josephus. I am glad to be with you today. May this day be blessed, beloved souls, and remember that you may ask for our assistance. You may bring us close to you but your asking is to God first and foremost. Then we respond as a result of God’s Will flowing through us and manifesting in your life. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you and I am eager to assist you all and will try to do so in many different ways.  God bless you and may His Love be with you. God bless you.