Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 4, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

Question: Is it possible for us to help those in the spirit world who are still in confusion, fear, and false beliefs such that they are not asking for help or seeking the light? What are the ways we can help them, especially our ancestors when they’re not exercising their free will choice to seek the light and love?

I think the answer for this very simple, my beloved daughters. Prayer. Do you realise the power of prayer? Do you see that when you elicit God’s response for another, that there will be some form of response to that individual soul that indeed, within their minds there are great barriers and conditions that are dark and tumultuous. But underneath these conditions is a soul, a soul that yearns, a soul that has its own perspective and experience in life.

It is their souls that you must pray for. For if a soul shifts and becomes stronger and can penetrate the barriers of the mind, then comes a desire for change within that individual. Then comes the impetus for that individual to seek light. As you continue to pray, so God will send those angels and mortals to their side to help them realize the ambitions of their soul, the yearnings of their soul. These things are possible but if you set your mind upon the problem, trying desperately to analyse and find physical and mental solutions for their dilemmas and they are not receptive to this approach, you have wasted your energies, beloved souls. Though it is certainly worth trying to convince or to support another soul that is in great pain and dysfunction, as you call it.

Still, you must have greater faith of the possibilities of the soul. The changes will come. Deep changes may come from the inclinations of the desires of the soul bursting through all that encrusts its existence and reaching out to the mindful awareness which is so predominant on this plane.

In this case, the individual then has a choice to choose light or not. You cannot invest so heavily in their choice that you wish to make that choice for them for this cannot be. They must make their own choices but you may give to them some possibility, some opportunity, some situation that may assist them in seeing the possibilities, in having hope for themselves, in releasing the dreadful conditions that often brings to them great pain and sorrow.

Yes, love is always the answer and solution to these conditions and you must give love. You must give love. You must pray. At times, God will guide you to do something, an assistance, a blessing, an expression of love, to that individual. In this way when you are guided, there will be a blessing given and in many cases, a great shift within that individual. Yes, there are many ways in which God may use you, beloved souls. There are many ways for love to be expressed.

There are many possibilities but one must do so in harmony with God’s Will, to know that Will, to be guided by that Will of God for the greatest wisdom. The most powerful blessings will be given through you when you are aligned with God. So may you come to know your own soul more fully and be aware of God’s Will for you and may you pray to be used as His instruments, as channels of love in the world, to give service to humanity. There are many ways in which that may be done, beloved souls, many opportunities and possibilities.

That expression may be very simple indeed. Your words may indeed be kind and simple. Your love may flow intensely. Your compassion may touch another. There is much that can be given and blessed to the individual. But indeed, if they turn away, if their choice is to turn away you must allow their choice to be so. Thank you.