Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 4, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

Question:  How Do you Go about Teaching Divine Love to children.

The optimal way of teaching Divine Love to children is to be loving. And you may pray with your child or another child and ask for the blessing of the Father’s Love in simple words, words that may be understood by that child. You may speak of God’s Love for that child. You may embrace that child and say that, “I love you and God loves you.”

You may give them some information that is rudimentary. Teach them to pray. Teach them to be open to the blessings of God. Be patient and kind. Care for that child as God would care for that child for if that child is entrusted to you so God has given to you a great gift and opportunity to show that child the way to His Love. Your expressions of love, your actions of love, your example of love is the greatest teacher of all. But the soul absorbs all, my friends, especially the souls of the children. They absorb all that is around them. All who are with them, they are open to influence. You may pray for their protection and their blessings from the angels.

There is much that can be done but it is not complicated. It is simple. In the simple way, there is no obligation put upon that child to be a certain way that is the way that your expectation. Instead, you allow the child their own soulful and beautiful expression in life and to give them the freedom to express themselves in all their beautiful ways is such a gift of love.  Thank you.