Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 4, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

Question:  How will Spirit connect with many different cultures in the world when the Padgett messages come from such a Christian context? How will we break through barriers of false beliefs and the prevailing understandings to bring the Truths to different cultures?

We are working with many different souls, all around the world. Yes, you have your limitations of language and culture and understanding though your understanding of the Truth of God’s Love is clear and abundantly so. As you have noticed that many who come to be a part of your Circles of Light and efforts are of a somewhat Christian persuasion and know the language of English well. Some do not but very few. But those who are persisting with this great effort to bring the Truth of God’s Love to their cultures and language will find a great deal of help from the angels in order to communicate this Truth to others.

Remember, the message that is given is for the soul. God will use souls to communicate with souls where language and culture is not relevant. This power of soul communication is the greater power of the work that you do. If you had any idea of what you are capable of, what you have accomplished so far in your efforts to pray together and to pray singly and be a channel, an instrument for God, you will see that you have touched many souls from around the world and that that touch has planted a seed, has given hope, has awakened a soul to some degree.

Yes, it takes time for the mind to accept this, to be aware, but the soul is persistent and will continue to reach towards the mind, the material mind and jog the understanding within it. A desire will come to reach out to God for many. Yes, God’s plan for the salvation of mankind is great, is intricate, is complex, is vast, and is wondrous.

So I would not concern myself about those in different cultures, those who are far away except that you may pray for them, that you may put forth your desire that every soul in your world may come to know their Heavenly Father as you have. Though they may perceive such an experience differently, their words, their labels, understandings may reflect their cultures, within their soul, it is the same. That is the place where there is no delineation, that which is so important to the mind. That place of soul is where the feelings and inclinations, and desires of the soul are universal and powerful and they reach God.

You cannot know what another soul is thinking, what another soul feels and expresses to God. You may only know your own soul. So you must have faith in your brothers and sisters that indeed that desire is so deep, that desire is so strong in many who reside within a culture and language that is so very different from your own. When these changes come, when the Earth is in upheaval, know that the soul’s will, will awaken, will cry out to God and seek solace and truth and peace and love from God.

You will travel to these places, beloved souls. I know that it is difficult for you to realise that that will be possible but indeed, it will. You will assist many, from many cultures to this understanding. For your lights will be so bright, the capacities of your souls will be so great in its abilities. The blessings, and gifts of your souls will enable you to communicate with your brothers and sisters in far off lands.

As I have said, a great plan is in place and is unfolding at this very moment. Your place within it will be determined by your efforts and your commitment to God. There are many, many potentials and possibilities for you to reach out to others given the power of God’s Love within your soul, the power of the angels who accompany you, the power of God’s Touch upon you. These things will determine how far afield your efforts and your gifts may reach other souls from distant places.

I say to you my friends, consider that the possibilities from your perspective are quite unlimited and the capacity of your gifts and your ability to reach other souls is profound. For it is the power of your soul that continues to awaken that will bring these things forth in many surprising ways. In your journey, may you indeed come to realise these potentials and gifts and see for yourself, the wonderment of what God has created in your being. Thank you.