Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Maureen Cardoso
Date: February 16, 2019
Location: Abbotsford, BC

* a note from the medium:  We are unique in our expiating process. The experience referred to in this message is not a standard. I believe Seretta Kem chose to make reference as it shows how close God and the angels are during these periods of release truly helping us on our journey to at-onement with God.  Not all expiation are as tangible as this one experience.

It is Seretta Kem. I am here to make comment and to give more explanation on the process of expiation. I wish to use the example of this dear soul’s recent experience for she is willing to allow me to make reference to her current experience of expiating condition upon her soul.

When one prays for Divine Love with a longing and a yearning from their soul to receive the highest gift available, Divine Love this creates a deep and profound process and cleansing upon a soul. The inflowing of this Love in the beginning creates feelings of warmth and love and joy, comfort, a sense of belonging, a sense of being cared for, a sense of being close to God. With these many beautiful sensations desire builds within the soul, drawing the soul ever more closely to God. Desiring to be in prayer, having time with God where the closeness is being realized and very tangible. This is a beautiful experience and as one continues upon their journey of being in prayer with God and receiving this Love, there comes a time when enough of this Love within the soul begins to have an effect and to dislodge and loosen conditions that inhibit the light and the love of a soul from flowing freeing.

As a condition begins to loosen, a condition that is ready to be healed, often the experience brings an awareness of the condition coming into the consciousness, the conscious mind of the individual. With the experience of stirring these things up into the mind, emotions can be ignited, thought patterns revisited and a sense of disorientation may occur within the body and the mind of the individual. The degree of these sensations of what I will call discomfort; vary depending on the condition that is ready for healing. The experience of the initial feelings of love and warmth and comfort and joy may move into experiences of varying degrees potentially causing anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy, whatever is connected to this condition. These experiences can be very painful within the individual. It can also be a time when the individual feels it is most difficult to reach to God, to feel the presence of God and to feel the assistance of their angel friends. For these feelings, these internal experiences that are occurring and rummaging up within the individual can be very profound leaving it difficult to feel the presence of God and your angel friends. Though it is the time when we observe you and we are very close, closely assisting you doing our best to bring our light to you and our love to you, but yet witnessing your process allowing the expiation to happen without interfering. The importance of the condition lifting off and the individual experiencing the expiation is a deep part of the process of the eternal journey to at-onement with God. We are very close at this time, yet it may be a difficult sensation to feel us, but please be assured that we are close.

When one is moving through expiation, there are times they may feel to isolate from their community of friends and each person does this in their own innate way that feels intuitively correct. As the individual begins to move through the expiation, sensations peak for they are coming close to a deep release where the conditions are removed from the soul.

I thank this individual for allowing me to make reference to her recent experience of expiation, for in the past number of days she was feeling something very deep rising up within her experience. Often she feels very close to God throughout her day, prays many times and has a great rapport with her angel friends. In her recent expiation it was difficult to feel this. She has taken seriously the guidance for going deep and allowing these last vestiges of her soul to be cleansed so the chambers within her soul and these gifts there implanted by God can freely manifest in her life. Courageously having prayed to God for this experience her prayers were answered. She is one during this deep expiation needing to isolate to some degree and to be with God. Though her experience of feeling close to God was challenged and feeling the presence of her angel friends was very difficult, she released many emotions through her practice of moving the energies within her body and mind through yoga assisting her process. She understands this process and as enough of this emotion began to shift and come into her awareness of what it was that was ready to be healed, of the wounds that were being carried by her through her life experiences, these surfaced and peaked. There was a knowing in her that it was time to reach outward in prayer for others to pray for her and in doing so, those she reached out to sincerely honoured her request.

Beloveds this is in part the way that she was guided, for as we watched and observed this release from her soul, we could see that this condition had risen up enough where it was ready to be released. From our side of life and our witnessing of this, we called her together with two other souls to have a prayer. In their innocence of hearing this call their souls answering the call of God, they sat together in prayer. And using the power of the three souls together yearning for God, drawing close the angels, the experience releasing this condition was very tangible. For this dear soul had come into prayer innocently, simply knowing the comfort and the power of praying together with others where it is safe and she could easily be vulnerable and open. Not fully understanding that the experience of this condition leaving her would be realized. And thus it was, through their openness and their yearning from their souls longing to God to receive the blessing of Love and drawing forth the angels, we were able to help assist and witness this release from her soul.

In her description to her friends afterward she shared it felt as though an ice block was being extracted from her solar plexus, a deep pressure was occurring. This condition an energetic condition was slowly, slowly, slowly being extracted from her soul. The awareness she held during this experience was tangible and she could put words and express clearly what had occurred. Once this condition had been released behind that came a deep, deep flood of awareness of old covered up emotion surfacing up and this shook in her body, shook her to the experience of deep and profound tears. Though not necessarily purely aware of all of the emotion that was held within this release, as this is not necessary and she understands such, for if she were to analyze what was being released from her it would be a mindful exercise, one that she does not necessarily care to engage in. She was shown to some degree that which was being lifted and in that she is content. These deep emotions released a flood of tears and what came after was a breath so deep, so clearing, so calming within her body. An overwhelming sense of peace was the gift she immediately received. Having gone through this courageous and deep expiation she feels a greater sense of joy. For in her soul there is now a new avenue, an awakened part in this chamber which was holding this block of ice that can now hold an expression of joy, of love and of peace. That my dear friends is for eternity, this chamber in her soul now holds love, joy and peace.

So it is my friends with all of you, the process of expiating the conditions that inhibit your soul’s expression of love and harmony and joy are cleansed and released with the prayer for Divine Love. This is a deep cause and affect you bring to your souls. Allowing the Love of God to lift off these conditions and grace the soul with His Essence. The Essence of God actively living within the soul ever more deeply with every expiation.

My dear beloved friends on the path Divine, you are encouraged to allow the Love of God to move through you, to bring these deep experiences. The profound feelings of love, peace, and joy and warmth and comfort to replace those parts in you that are inharmonious, for you all carry these beloveds, you are human.

Allow God to touch you in deep and profound ways and be courageous when the expiation that you experience wells up deep hurts within you. Be close to God at this time, though it may be challenging to feel the presence of God during these times. Know, my dear friends, know that we are there, that God is there assisting in your process. And on the outside of the expiation you too will come into a greater sense of gratitude, your desire to continue upon this path, awakening your souls, allowing your purpose to come forth. Feeling an awareness of what your purpose is and desiring to be in service of Love. It is not enough to pay lip service upon this journey for this is a journey of Truth and in Truth that which is not harmonious with Love shall be excavated. And in Truth what can then flow into this place, in the soul free of that condition is the Love of God. You all desire, every soul desires to feel the deep connection with God.

I hope I have been able to share with you a greater understanding of this process of expiation. I am grateful for this soul allowing me to use her in her recent experience as an example in order to bring forward more understanding on the process of expiation. Our Love, your Celestial angel friends, is with you. We say to you that you are never alone and we know beloveds that at times you do feel alone, but it is our guarantee, our service that you are never, never alone. We are upon your journey as well to at-onement with God. Our Love for you beloved souls is so profound with deep compassion, deep understanding, deep love and encouragement. At this time you do not have the capacity to understand the depth of our love for you. Of course our beloved Creator is the one that has the deepest Love for all of us, yet beloveds, our love for you is very, very deep as well.

I am Seretta Kem. It has been a pleasure to come and share with you, this teaching lesson upon expiation. May each of you reach deeply into your souls with great yearning to release that which keeps you from God. Go deeply beloveds; go so very, very deeply. God needs you with every breath and we surround you forever more. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem.

A note from the medium:  each of us has our unique way and experience during expiation.  The experience referred to in this message I believe is used as an example of what the process can look like and the importance of the angels letting us know how close they are during these times.  It is not a guide as to how to expiate other that to move through your unique experience intuitively.