Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 15, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Matthew. I am happy that you have heeded our call and come together in prayer. And indeed you have many questions. You wonder about many things, for your minds continue to seek answers. I would urge you, beloved souls, to go within your soul for the answers to your questions for that is where the truth lies, as we have told you many times. The truth lies within your soul and your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

You have asked the question of those who have experienced the Pentecost, to describe that experience. I may do so very simply, beloveds. It was powerful. It came suddenly. It came in great light and heat and we thought that the building in which we resided was afire with this great gift and energy, although it was a fire that did not burn. It was a fire that healed and changed us. With this came a tremendous relief and a great joy, so that we were able to carry on in our ministries and our efforts to bring the truth that our beloved Master taught us and encouraged us to live and share in the world. Yet another example of God’s powerful Love, as it touched us deeply and expanded our souls greatly, giving to us deeper insights, a closeness with God that we had not felt before, and an understanding of our inner selves, illuminated by the gift of God’s Love.

Yes, for many of you on this Earth plane who dedicate yourself to this service of love, receiving the gift of Divine Love, there is a yearning for this instantaneous healing and awakening, instead of the incremental and sometimes difficult journey of cleansing and opening and enlivening the soul. Yet this is your journey, beloved souls, one that you have chosen, one that will continue for all eternity. And as mortals, you often feel impatient. You wish to get to the kernel of your dilemmas and your pain and walk away from this condition with joy and upliftment. This shall come, beloved brothers and sisters, this shall come. You will know this freedom from pain, from the difficult and heavy conditions that weigh down your soul.

You continue to sluff off these burdens and to truly accept your relationship with yourself and with God, in the awakening of your souls. This continues. It continues at a steady pace upward, climbing ever upward, light brightening brighter, a sense of self that expands and comes clear, a knowing of God that is powerful, that ignites the deep faith within you.

There is much to be joyful for, beloved souls, so many blessings. So much has been put aside that would, if you had not followed this path, have burdened you for a very long time. Into spirit, you would have gone, carrying these terrible loads of pain. And yet you feel how God has healed and uplifted you and carried you in light. You know that you are well on your way. Listen to your souls, beloveds. Listen to the beating of your souls, as it beats out the truth, the truth of love, the Truth of God’s Love for you. Listen to the beating of your souls and know that you are truly blessed.

May your yearnings continue to be expressed and that you may feel them deeply for this is the soul yearning for God. This is the soul yearning for peace and harmony and love. Listen to the beatings of your soul as it reaches forth to God, the Creator of all, for the benediction and healing that comes with His Love. It is always there for you, beloved souls. May you always be receptive to its inflowing, allowing its beautiful upwelling of light to embrace your soul and your minds, so that you may truly be in harmony with God and close with your Creator.

God bless you beloveds, I am Matthew. God bless you.