Spirit: Osho Bhagwan
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 12, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am the one who you call Osho. I have come to greet my friend, who I have known and he knows me. I have learned much in this time that I dwell in the spirit body, and I wish to comment on my life.

My ambition was always to be a guru and also to bring liberation to the passions of humanity, to find this in transcendental understandings and awakenings of the human potential, to find joy and relief from all the constrictions and restrictions of the human world. I taught of the human passions, but I now understand that liberation of these things is only one part of that journey.

It is important to be able to tame the passions of the human desires so that one may come to deeper understanding of their own true selves. Like any guru, I taught the knowledge that I knew and allowed manna to come through my person, for the benefit of others who gathered about. Now I have continued upon that journey of the soul, that part so misunderstood in your world.

I am learning from your teachers, my friends. I am learning about the possibilities of life, these potentials that have not been recognized by myself while on Earth. Though I had many gifts and I touched many with my gifts, but there is always more, my friends, always more to know, to experience, in the vast journey of life.

Though I have not entered into the Celestial Spheres, I do recognize that this is a goal. My soul yearns for the gift of Love that comes from the Creator of all and I am pursuing this journey with the fervency of my soul seeking truth.

Truth never ends. Truth never ends. I continue to awaken and accept that God will give all. It is just a matter of the application, effort, time, so that all may be absorbed, expressed, in truth and light.

I now recognize the power of love that is the true passion of the soul. I will continue to seek the transformative powers of Love, which comes from the Creator, and I will return and speak of my journeys, my understandings of these things.

You beloved and beautiful souls, so blessed by God, have more light within you than did I when I walked in your world, the light of the soul. I had gifts and some knowledge and I pursued my ambitions to change your world, to bring all peoples to a place of liberation and joy, but I neglected to allow the Divine to truly guide me. Thus my mission, though partially successful, was never complete.

I see that you carry a very vital truth within you. Do not hold back in your efforts to awaken humanity with the true liberation of the soul through love. That is the highest truth, my friends. I see it now. Though I touched upon these truths in my own way, I see now that this is what is required upon this great journey to awaken humanity to the beauty of life, to the power of love.

May God bless you in deep and powerful ways so that you may truly understand the power of love. I will come again, my friends, and speak of this. May God bless you, beautiful souls. I am very happy to have been with you, that this instrument allowed me to speak. His mind was not so happy to do so, but his soul allowed this. Again, the power of love. Thank you. I am Osho Bhagwan. Bless you, my friends, and good night.