Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 10, 2019
Location: Burnaby, BC

May God bless you with truth and light and that all understanding be a blessing for each of your souls, beloveds. I am Augustine, your teacher. I was once the Bishop of Hippo many hundreds of years ago when I walked your Earth and I have spent many, many years in the world of spirit and I inhabit the Celestial Kingdom. I am a redeemed child of God, for God has blessed me with an abundance of His Love. I come to you, my beloved friends, brothers and sisters all, with a message of hope, love and truth, that if you wish to follow you may find the many blessings of the spirit that come from God.

Each day presents a choice and many choices to you all. How you respond to life, what you choose in your life, how life affects you has a great bearing upon the condition of your soul. For your soul absorbs all that you experience, beloveds. When you choose light, your souls experience light and absorbs light and when you choose darkness which is essentially going against the laws of your own creation, then you absorb darkness. This has a great bearing upon the condition that you carry in this world.

When you are strong and live in light, in wisdom, in love, when you bring a gentle touch to your life that is without deep anger and resentment and pain, then you have built a great light within your soul. My message, beloveds, is through prayer to God asking for the gift of the blessing of Divine Love, the Essence of God, to come into your soul. This brings great light to your soul and it brings great healing to those places that are not of light. You may heal the damage of your life. All of you and all of humanity carries a certain amount of darkness within them because the dark conditions of this Earth impinge upon the soul and bring challenges to the soul.

I urge each one of you to seek out God, seek within yourself light and choose harmony in your lives. For as you accumulate light within your soul in whatever way that you choose, you will have great benefits when that time comes for you to enter into the world from which I come.

The world of spirit has many levels and layers of light and darkness. By the Laws of Creation, you are destined to enter some place in this world of spirit that is determined by the condition of your soul. Now this does not mean that you cannot progress beyond that condition for you may, as the dear daughter has spoken, that every soul has the opportunity to grow in light, that that opportunity is not denied but is proffered with every breath you take and every moment of your existence whether it be here or in the life of spirit.

But what I speak of is where will you begin when you take that step into the next realm? What condition will you bring with you and what challenges will you face when you come to my side of life? It is easier to grow in this world, beloveds, for there are many energetic experiences and opportunities for you in this world that you may avail yourselves of. In the world of spirit you come to a place that is like yourself and therefore, the conditions of that strata or plane of spirit will reinforce your own condition, your own level of light and your own thinking.

Here you experience many different thoughts and ideas and experiences. Here you may make great progress because of the opportunities that you have to be in light and to hear truth. So, I encourage you all, beloved souls, to seek light and to seek truth , to seek the Love of God so that this great blessing will indeed uplift your soul and heal the wounds and awaken the many faculties of the soul. It is your choice, beloveds. God does not insist. God merely offers the blessing and it is given for the asking.

I urge you to ask for this blessing in prayer, to be open to this experience, to allow that which is within you to awaken in love and you will begin a journey that is of light that will bring greater light for all eternity.

May God bless you, beloved souls. May His Love continue to pour within you. May you awaken in love. I am your teacher Augustine and I will come again to speak to you about the truths of your own existence. There are many truths to know and many avenues to seek. May God bless you upon your journeys. God bless you.