Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 18, 2019
Location: Cruise Ship, Florida, USA

This is Andrew. I see that you walk amongst a great variation of the human condition. I wish to remind you, beloved souls, that you may act and be a channel of light in this world. If you set your sights upon God then you will bring light. If you keep your Heavenly Father within your thoughts and your prayers, you will be blessed in light, uplifted in light. As you yearn for the Father’s Love so it shall flow within you and uplift you, beloveds. As you walk amongst your brothers and sisters, you may be a channel of light, a channel for healing and love, comfort. Though the effects of such blessings may not be clear and obvious to you they touch the souls of many who surround you. Wherever you are, beloved souls, whomever you meet may you pray to be a channel of love for all you meet and your prayers will be heard by God. God desires to use you all as His channels of love. It is intention and desire, it is the yearnings of your soul and the awakenings of your souls in love that brings this blessing, this touch, not only to yourselves but to all around you.

May this gift of love be with you, beloveds. May God’s Touch awaken you. May you come to know the deep joy that is in your relationship with your Creator, sparked by Love. You will be blessed, blessed deeply and changed irrevocably by love. God’s greatest gift to humanity is this touch, this awakening and so few heed the call, know in any sure way this path of love. It continues to be illusive in your world and yet you have found your way, each one of you have found your way to love, the blessed Love of God.

God will continue to bless you mightily, awaken you deeply, carry you in light and bring joy to your soul that will awaken joy in your heart, that will bring peace and joy to your mind. It is the power of Love, the power of God’s Touch upon all His children who ask to receive, who have the faith to be open, the strength to go beyond the daily lot to something far greater and deeper and more beautiful in life.

May God bless you beloved souls and keep you in His Love. I am Andrew and I love you. God bless you.