Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 18, 2019
Location: Cruise Ship, Florida, USA

… Wherever there are those who have an interest and a desire to pursue this gift of Divine Love, we will be with you, beloved souls. We will be with you for God assigns an angel to each soul that is earnest in their efforts to receive this gift of Love. Now for you to know us you must put aside your preconceptions, your mental expectations and barriers, and allow our presence to be felt and known by the senses that are not of the mind and the physical but of the soul and the heart. We will be with you clearly and powerfully in your life. But it is within your will and desire to be open and receptive to this new awareness and presence in your life. This cannot be forced. It is a growing awakening that comes with the blessing of God’s Love.

In this consistent and persistent effort to reach God, to put the desire and prayer for this great gift in the forefront of your consciousness, your time on this Earth, you will be blessed with many insights and understandings that do not come from the mental faculties but from the faculties of the soul. You will see life differently, beloved souls. We will help you and assist you with this shift of awareness and understanding. If you so desire this, it shall be gifted to you.

Yet this gift of awareness, these experiences will be unique to each individual as they follow their path to God. So they will come to know God in their own unique ways and perceptions and experiences. You cannot say to another, “this is how it is” for it is unique to each individual. It is a blessing that you share your experiences and that you support one another on this journey for it can feel rather lonely for those who carry this flame in different places of the world and yet do not have those who understand or comprehend this journey in a conscious way. Yet, as you carry the flame, beloved souls, you carry the truth amongst humanity and your very presence is an invitation to other souls to be ignited in their desires of the soul to receive God’s Love.

You cannot put this blessing within another soul but you may act as God’s instruments and channels of love to encourage, to clear away the path to this understanding. Each of you are gifted with this opportunity. Each of you has the understanding of this truth. Walk with it in faith and allow God to use you as His channels of love and you will reach out to others. They will seek you out and you will know within your hearts how to respond and be a purveyor of truth and love to them.

May you continue to awaken, beloved brothers and sisters, to this truth and receive this great blessing within you for it is the greatest and noblest of acts in life to seek your Creator and to be awakened in love. Reach for the highest, beloveds. Always reach for God and blessings and miracles will ensue and be gifted to your life and your being.

God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you upon His path of love. I am your teacher Augustine and I walk with you as do many of us who have a keen interest and great love for those mortals who wish to step beyond that place of mediocrity to a place of light and truth.

God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.