Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: December 17, 2018

I am Mary. May the peace of the Father’s Love be with you and carry you through all conditions of this world. All places, wherever you may be, may this gift of peace enshroud you in light and carry you with protection and love.

Beloved souls, God entreats you to open yourselves to His blessing of Love, to uplift you into Light, to bring you to that place where you and your Creator are one. This upliftment and these blessings are free for all who desire this. God does not judge His children. God uplifts and blesses and loves His children. Each of you are deeply loved by God and God desires for you to know His Love, to truly know through the awakenings of your soul His beautiful Being, this great Source of all who has consciousness, personality, and presence in the universe.

So many in your world now believe that all is within their minds, that there is no need to reach out beyond the thinking and awareness of the mind. They neglect the soul. They do not understand the soul. And thus, they are not aware, and cannot be, of the presence of God because it is the eyes and knowings of the soul that truly understands God’s being. And the mind has many faculties and abilities to perceive things of the spiritual, but it is limited, beloveds, it is limited. The condition in which you live, this world of yours, also imposes much in the way of limitations to your perceptions of the spiritual. Thus, the vast majority of souls in this world are enmeshed within the condition of the mind and believe this is the great reality of soul. It is not, my beloveds. It is a reality, one that is created by the mind but it is not the reality of the soul. The soul is something else. The soul is the true center of each being, each individual that God has created. The soul has its own faculties and abilties to perceive and reason and know truth. In this you may know God and God will indeed reach forth and touch you deeply with His Love and His Presence. With the soul awakened in Love, as you long for this gift of Love, so your capacity to understand and know God will open and increase with this gift as it continues to flow into your soul.

There is so much in the universe to know,my beloveds, so much that you can know given access through your soul perceptions and soul understandings. It is different and it takes some time and adjustment and fine-tuning to truly awaken these gifts and capacities, to know in this way. But I tell you, beloved souls, as you continue to awaken with the blessings of the Father’s Love, so much will be revealed and so much can be understood and you will know the deep joy, the beautiful, ecstatic joy of at-onement with God.

This, each soul longs for, as God created each soul, so it longs to be acknowledged and reciprocate their feelings of love with God. In this beautiful communion with God, all things are possible and much is given in this sacred union. Beloved souls, as you pray in this circle, you are beseeching God to be with you and be in communication with your soul and your challeng is to set aside the mindful considerations and be within your souls so that you may truly acknowledge this experience and have your eyes open, the eyes of your soul. In this awakening there will be great joy, much wisdom, understanding, truth, and love. All of these things blossom forth with the touch of God’s Love within you. Allow this to be. Allow yourselves to awaken in the Light and warmth of the Father’s Touch, and you will know of what I speak. You will truly know and understand the beauty, the glory, the wonderment that is God and is your soul, which is a reflection of God.

Beloved souls, be within this deep and abiding peace, this glorious Love, this beautiful Light and you will find all that your soul desires and all that your mind desires to know will come to you as a conscious reckoning between your mind and your soul and God. What a beautiful gift, beloveds, to have this awareness as you continue to progress within your life and seek God in your prayers.

Beloved souls, I am Mary and I love you. And I am with you on your journeys and I love you. God bless you.