Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 30, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

Yes, the conditions of your world are changing and for some of you, you feel the dampening of what one would expect to be joyous spirits in celebration of the Master’s birth. Yet, so many now do not feel any joy or recognition of this time of acknowledgment and this saddens us to see that the world continues to be blinded and willfully removed from their own spiritual nature.

Yes, the world is changing and change is inevitable. Yet God continues to pour His Love and Light upon your world and for those of you who are willing to be open and receptive to these gifts and blessings from God, you will be uplifted and you will be blessed. Often, your mind’s expectations, patterns, confusions, and disappointments act as a barrier to God. This is the human condition of which you all struggle with and at times feel somewhat defeated by, and yet you know within your hearts that you will come to a place of joy, of feeling close to God. Within these cycles and rhythms of life, these interplays between your mind and your soul, your soul and God, your being and your experience of life, there are ups and downs. There is light and there is darkness. This is the way of the world.

The year that comes is going to be a challenging year, my friends. There will be many blessings indeed, but there will be challenges. There will be conditions and outbreaks of conditions in the world that will challenge you all. The Earth is changing, beloveds. The fabric of humanity continues to be ripped and shattered by many things. The darkness in the world is erupting and being forced to the surface so that this Truth may be recognized, that all is not well in your world. All needs to be acknowledged and come to a place of resolution, balance, harmony. This is what will manifest as God continues to bring healing to your world.

Consider your own spiritual progress. There are great blessings but there are great challenges. What resides within you that is not of Love and Light must be acknowledged and come to the surface and be released. And so, it will be with your Earth. This great inhumanity from one soul to another, from one country to another, from one government to its people, and all of these ruminations and aspects of human behavior that do not reflect Love but the baser appetites of humanity. These things you are becoming more aware of with each day. You see the injustices, the inequities, the lack of love. It is our hope that when you recognize these things in the world and within yourself that you will go to God in prayer, that you will not hold on to the pain but release it and come to a place of deep peace where joy may flourish rather than fear and anguish and sorrow.

You are not meant to live in these conditions, beloved souls. No one, no soul is meant to live in these conditions, but in order to rectify and play your part to bring greater love and light to the world, you must be strong. You must be able to be a clear channel for God to use you, for His Blessings and Love to flow through you, for wisdom to be spoken to those who are willing to listen, for Love to assuage the broken heart, the worried mother, the angry father, the lost children. All in your world who continue to struggle and survive often do not flourish in light.

Yes, there is much work to do in your world. There are many who are in need. There is a great deal that must change, but it is not for you, beloved souls, to take on the burdens of the world, to be downtrodden by the darkness. Though you feel compassion and empathy and a desire to heal and to bring up those who are lost and in darkness and suffer, these are noble aspirations and feelings and expression of your souls, but first, every action, everything that you do in the name of Truth and Love must be predicated by prayer and guidance. For this is God’s work. This is His plan for the salvation of humanity. For you to be a part of this great wave of change and healing, Light and Love, you must first listen and know from your deepest hearts what you must do to be His instruments of change and Love in the world.

Humanity has relied upon their minds and their intellects to affect change in your world. Humanity takes great pride in their accomplishments, great pride in their power over the world, their abilities to conquer its barriers and difficulties, what the world puts forth in the human condition. And yes, many inventions and wonderful things have been brought forth by humanity, but the souls of God’s children have been lacking and without this wisdom, this knowing from deep within that must have credibility, must be listened to. What man creates lacks harmony with what God creates. So, the great friction and battle between the will of man and the Will of God continues. You yourself feel this within your being as your mind aspires to contradict your soul, to hold on to these human perspectives rather than give way to the great wisdom of your own soul.

These are the challenges that you are to face in the coming year. That humanity will be forced to reconcile and come to a place of understanding of their own wrongdoing. It is not because each soul willfully disobeys God or wishes power, control, or does not want love. No, this is not the case for most of humanity. Most of humanity lives in ignorance, in fear, in pain because they know not of anything different. They do not see what causes these great difficulties within them. They do not see that what is in the world is not of God’s doing, and those who suffer greatly often blame God for their suffering and feel victimized, discouraged, and bitter.

Do you not see that now is the time to raise your voices and proclaim that God loves all? That the solutions to these complex dilemmas can be found in prayer, can be found with the opening and awakening of the soul with the blessing of the Father’s Love? Too long we have watched and seen how humanity continues to walk with scales upon their eyes, in willful ignorance of the Truth. Rather than acknowledge God in love, they have done great injury to others who do not acknowledge their version of truth and of God. So much, my beloveds, so much needs to be rectified. So much damage that humanity has done upon this Earth needs to be healed and brought back to the pristine beauty of God’s creation.

Yes, it seems daunting indeed. We do not judge you for your sense of hopelessness at times when you truly open your eyes and see the landscape before you that is of degradation and pain and suffering. It is an immense task to work towards the reclamation of humanity, but a task that is noble in nature, beautiful in the yearnings of your souls, and wondrous in your soul’s expression of Love. And so, though you will be challenged, you will surmount the darkness, both the darkness within and without, and come to know your true selves and the beauty and the strength, the wonderment and the joy that is your soul in relationship with your Heavenly Father.

These great awakenings are coming. They are coming, my beloveds. With this, many gifts will unfold. Much work will come. God’s plan will be expressed in your world in many different ways and means, and your roles will be unique and will bring beautiful blessings and expressions of God’s intention to heal and make right the world. Do not despair, beloveds, but be joyful that you continue upon this path of Light. Your souls continue to expand and grow in Love and that the great unfolding of your life is that of beauty, grace, and love. Be assured, beloved souls, that the time comes when your light, the wisdom of your souls, the enactment of God’s Will through you will be overt and powerful, will have its effects and others will consciously recognize what you bring and pay homage to your efforts and your truth.

Beloveds, the times continue to challenge you but your souls continue to meet this challenge and walk in Light. And for this, know that we will always stand by you, that you will be protected, that God’s Love continues to flow into your souls, that your life will be an expression of Light and Truth. You are God’s children. You continue to open your eyes to this Truth. This Truth will become the overwhelming reality of your life. In this, great joy will ensue. In this, great wisdom will come. In this, great strength and manifestations and blessings will be yours.

Beloveds, you are loved. We love your dearly. God loves you beyond measure. Know this. Truly embrace this and be joyful that your life has been in the flow of Love and Light. All is well, my beloveds, all is well. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem at your service, by your side. I love you. God bless you.