Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: December 17, 2018

God awaits your choice, beloveds. God awaits the choice of all humanity, that your brothers and sisters, that you, may choose light and harmony, peace and love over the conditions that you now find yourself within in this world, a world that is burdened, a world that is suffering, a world that continues to be subjected to the choices of mankind that bring further darkness and deprivation. God awaits your choice, beloved souls.

Will you choose light? Will you choose to walk in harmony with the Laws of Creation? Will you choose to come close to God’s Presence and seek the blessings and healings and truth and wisdom, the Love of God? God awaits your choice with each day and you with the beginning of each day must ask yourselves : what will I choose this day? How will I conduct myself this day? Am I willing to be close to God? Do I desire the highest? Am I strong enough to withstand the conditions and pressures of this world that may bring me to a place of despair or confusion or a sense of a lack of love within myself?

These things, beloved souls, are the challenges that each of you face each day. The choice continues to confront each individual in this world. Within your souls, you know the answers. You know what you must do and what you must think and be in this world. And yet, for so many, the mind continues to have dominance. The mind continues to be drawn into the conditions, the human condition that is not of God but of man’s creation.

You have a choice and you are quite capable of choosing. And I ask you, beloved souls, choose Light. Choose to listen to the inklings and desires of your soul that you may indeed take that step forward in drawing closer to light and harmony, love and peace. You have a choice. Are you capable of walking in Light, or are you weak and are downtrodden by the human condition? If you feel weak, beloved souls, pray and ask God for strength. Ask for we, who are the angels of Heaven, to come and uphold you. Ask God to help you to know the desires of your soul and what it is that is within your soul. This great wealth of wisdom and strength to come forth and strengthen you and uplift you so that you may be in the Light, that you may walk close to God, that you may indeed be a servant of God, a servant of Light, a servant of Truth, a servant to bring love and comfort, compassion and love to others.

In this way, you not only countermand the conditions of this world for yourself but you also strengthen others. You have a choice that you may choose wisely, beloved souls. Choose that God may touch your soul with His Love, that in this, the strength comes and the wisdom comes so that choices are made easy and clear and there is no confusion. There is no angst. There is no pain but joy and strength, wisdom and love. Choose wisely, beloveds, for there is always a choice. And there is always a solution. And there is always a blessing to be given to those who are humble enough to seek God and know His Presence and be in the flow of His Love. Seek the Truth, beloveds. Choose the Truth. Be in the flow of God’s Love and you will know all the great blessings and inflowing and healings and truths that you could possibly receive in your life.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher, Augustine, and I am with you. My love is with you. Many are with you in your efforts to reach toward light. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher loves you. God bless you.