Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 16, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Australia

I am Augustine, once the Bishop of Hippo many, many years ago and am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. Beloved souls, precious to God, you must approach God with humility and trust and faith. This is a difficult thing to do for those of you who live upon this Earth who are taught to be strong and independent. For many there is a deep separation from God. Yet the Creator of All continues to beckon you forth, to inspire and invite you to come to that place of Light and Grace and peace and Love.

Do you desire this, my friends? Do you wish to have this blessing upon you or are you afraid for change to come? Is that mind of yours so powerful that the message is within you, “I do not need to go to God because I am whole within myself and I am strong.” Beloved souls, if you only knew the power of the blessings, the way in which God may awaken your soul, you would not think these things, but willingly step forward and say “Yes, I release my will enough so that you may with your Holy Spirit penetrate my soul with your Love.” In this, you gain great strength and wondrous blessings. Much will be added to you beloved souls if you are willing to put aside that which may obstruct the inflowing of this gift of Love and allow it to touch your hearts, awaken your souls, and bring you to that place of joy and peace and deep understanding.

God awaits your invitation to bring the Heavenly Father into your life, not through a book, not through the cajoling of another, but through your own heartfelt, earnest longings to be blessed by God and to allow all that holds you and burdens you and keeps you from awakening to fall away with the Touch of God. Feel the Grace, beloved souls, and know that you are deeply loved. Beyond all understanding, you are deeply loved and that Love shall be given to you now and always each time that you ask, that you open yourself to God. You will feel and know the great Touch of God within your soul.

Seek the high road and allow the Grace of God, the Light of God, the Love of God to light your way and you will not be disappointed nor waylaid or deflected from your path. You will find that path and know that you are meant to be upon it. God will guide you forward and send His angels to be with you to accompany you upon that wondrous journey which is the awakening of your true self, the soul within.

May we all seek God’s Grace at this moment. May you be blessed with a great inflowing of the Father’s Love and awaken to all that God has to give to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open. Come to God with humility, simplicity, as a child and you will know that you are indeed a child of God.

God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine is with you. God bless you.