Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 16, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Eudlo, AU

Beloved souls, my name is Josephus. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and once a philosopher of old in the Jewish tradition. My dear and beloved friends, you do not truly understand your own souls. You do not truly know the potentials of your soul. Until you come to that realisation and understanding of who and what you are, you will not know the answers to the questions that you seek. You will not truly understand the ways of God or the ways of the Universe. For, my beautiful friends, the instruments that you are using to understand Truth are meager compared to the faculties of the soul.

When the soul is awakened, when you receive within that soul that is your true self, the great and deep blessings of Divine Love to awaken it, then you are equipped to truly understand Truth, to truly know what is real and a valid part of God’s Creation and existence that you experience within that Creation.

So, for many of you, you are impatient. You seek the answers to all your questions with an immediacy that is not practical in terms of the process of awakening and understanding Truth. Truth comes upon you when the soul begins to rise from its deep slumbers, begins to open its eyes, begins to be alive within you. For some of you, it is the case that you have come out of your slumber, that you have been awakened to some degree.

In that sense of being awakened, you have great confidence that now you can see and know the Truth. I tell you my friends, this is a sense that comes from your mind, the material mind. For, the material mind enjoys the immediacy of knowledge and experience and Truth. The material mind feels empowered, senses that it is greater when a Truth comes and is stored and integrated into that mind. Yet, in reality, whatever Truth comes to the mind is not immediate nor is it permanent. It is an illusion.

This illusionary condition continues to be reinforced and re-established within the minds of men over and over again through the ages. So this sense of truth and understanding that comes with words and logic and deductions and the written word and all of these aspects and elements that are so firmly entrenched in your world, then becomes the reality of man. In this reality, there is a great propensity to be steered away from God towards an ever-increasing paradigm of human thought and sense of truth.

Unfortunately, your world suffers greatly from this, not only from the condition of which I speak, but from the actions that are born from the condition of which I speak. God gave His creatures, all of you, the gift to explore, to utilise your own faculties, to act independently from God, to be creative, expressive, loving or unloving depending upon your choice. But in fact, this gift is a test. For unless the souls of humanity decide for themselves that they are indeed in need of a relationship with the Creator and in need of the wisdom and Truth that the Creator has to give, then they will continue upon their journeys and paths constructed from one so-called truth to another, creating this illusionary structure that in many ways is not in harmony nor is it in alignment with the Truths and Laws of God’s Creation. God always gives the opportunity, the open door to every soul to awaken to the Truth. That awakening is individual. Its timing, its expression and the road taken is unique to each individual.

When a soul seeks God and seeks the Great Blessing of God’s Essence to come within, to ignite the faculties of the soul, then the adventure truly begins and the awakenings come. The awakenings flow and bathe that individual in the Truth. Those implements of the human mind, the words, the structures, the flow of thoughts that are so valued and are acknowledged as the structures that will bring Truth, are set aside. Then the Truth of the soul may emerge and come forth and bring a true sense, wordless yet complete, powerful and deep and rich in Truth. The individual begins to realise the folly of the human condition and the human mind. It also brings a deep sense of humility, of realising the vastness of the Universe and the vastness of God’s Truth and comes to see the great capacities of the soul that will grow and expand as that soul grows and expands in God’s Love.

When we ask you all to awaken, we are asking you to allow the Great Blessing of Love to ignite the beauty and wonderment and faculties of your soul. In this way, the differences dissolve into Love and acceptance and peace and great joy. For to know Truth, to truly know Truth, there is a sense of joy, of reveling in the revealing of Truth from God to each of His children.

So with this gift of Divine Love comes many gifts, great openings, great revelations. In time, the faculties of the mind, the material mind, are merged with the faculties of the soul. At-oneness brings great peace and great ability to share Truth. This again, is another motivation to awaken in Divine Love. Do you not all crave the Truth, to truly know it and understand it ? This gift comes on the heels of the Great Light and Fire of God’s Love burning away all that is not of Truth within you and bringing, through its capacities and openings of the soul, great Truth that never ends, beloved souls, never ends, but will be a constant stream of revelation and knowings and Truth that will set you upon the course to at-onement with God, who is all Truth and all Light and all joy and all power and glory, and all Love.

May you find your way, beloved friends, upon that path that is revelatory, joyful, and blissful. It comes with a simple prayer, a simple desire to receive the gift, the gift that is many gifts, the gift that shall bring all the answers to all the questions and all the seeking and all the deep desire for Truth.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Josephus. I am happy to have spoken to you today about the faculties of the soul and what this may bring to you in the revelations and understandings of Truth. May God bless you, beloved souls, with His Love, a constant inflowing, a constant awakening and journeying towards Truth. God bless you. God bless you.