Spirit: Goldie
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 13, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, AU

When you climb into your beds and feel the warmth and peace blanket you and then wrap you, feeling the Breath of God’s Love upon you, knowing that his promise is that He will take you to Realms of Light. God’s promise to bring you to Heaven, beloved and my beautiful friends, is for you. Believe this and know this, that He will fulfill His promise to each one of you, that you will go to that exalted place where joy and love is all that is true and real, that you in times to come will be claimed by God completely and utterly so that none of these challenges and difficulties will burden you. They will be washed away in love. You will know the deep abiding joy that is God’s Touch awakening your soul and bringing you to all that is of Grace and Truth and joy.

You are loved, each one. You are loved. You will find the fulfillment of your souls. You will know the wonderment of God. You will see the glories of the Universe. You will be free from all that which is not of God. God’s promise will be fulfilled, my friends. Each breath you take and you seek God, you inch closer to that promise. You find your way. You indeed find your way.

May God bless you and keep you in His Gentle Peace. May His Love wash over you. May you know without a shadow of doubt that you are claimed by God. I love you. I am your friend Goldie and I love you.