Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 16, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

You have asked me to speak of the gifts of the soul and I shall do so this day, which is a gift to your soul. A soul that is unawakened by God’s Divine Love has many chambers within it that are dry and inactive, like some fruit that has been mummified. Though the potential exists within it, there is no life within that may activate these various chambers in the soul. Within each of these chambers are seeds, God’s gifts to your soul beloveds. These gifts are unique. Though they may be similar to another’s, how they are combined within your soul is unique and how they may be expressed through your unique individual self is determined by your beautiful soul. So as God brings His loving waters into your soul, bringing life, your soul awakens and is able to function because the needed energies within the soul are present. These seeds within germinate and grow, clusters of seeds together bringing different aspects of your soul alive. This does not happen all at once, the chambers are in-filled gradually and awakened in this way. So, what comes apparent to your consciousness is determined by what the Divine Love accesses within you and touches you. Some places are difficult to reach in the beginning, but still the potential lies within it and eventually all comes to life.

Our desire, beloveds, is that all the potentials within your souls may come to life. That in this, these wonderful gifts, capacities, expressions of God’s Touch and unique blessing that is you, may be exhibited in your world. These gifts are varied and cannot be readily described to you at this time, for it would cause your mind to focus upon these potentials rather than focus upon the healing and awakening of your soul in its entirety. It would be easy for your minds to be overly focused upon a particular gift and ability, neglecting continued awakenings within you and to be satisfied with just what is presented to you and obvious and easily accessible.

Our desire for you is that you may be able to awaken as many gifts as possible in a short a time as is practical. For you will be needed, beloved souls, in times to come to exhibit many gifts, to demonstrate many truths, to engage many souls through your gifts, your beings, using the innate wisdom of your souls, using the deep perceptions of your soul. So, you are all pregnant if you may see it in this way, with life. Not just one life or one thing, but many things. An entire garden of gifts lay within your soul, these seeds varied and unique. What may come will be surprising and delightful. And so this garden awakens, many shoots coming up, reaching to God, the warmth of God’s Light and Love, being nurtured there beloved souls, being nurtured, strengthened and awakened. The flora of your soul will bear much fruit in the future. Fruit that will be appreciated and nurture many others with its beautiful capacity to bring truth, bring healing, bring peace, comfort and love to many.

You are already aware of your uniqueness as you come together in these beautiful Circles of Light and experience something that is of your own perception and feeling. Beloved souls, this reflects your uniqueness and isn’t it beautiful that God has created such unique souls in the world, such variety, such beauty? God’s world is not a monotonous world filled with the same elements and expressions repeated over and over again. No my beloveds, every, every bit of God’s creation has its uniqueness, though there are fundamental similarities, they are expressed in unique ways. Think of how every snowflake is different, even a drop of water has its differences from another. And to think of God’s magnificent creation, a human soul with all its complexities and gifts are each unique and beautiful, each life experienced from its own perceptions and realities. Each mind sees God’s creation from a different perspective. Each soul has its expression reflected through these multitudes of gifts seeded within. We have used the analogy of a diamond with many facets, its light sparkling into the world. This too is a good analogy. The facets of each diamond are unique to that soul and so the light reflects through it, from it, is beautiful in its own expression. To speak of your gifts beloveds, there are too many to speak of, there is too much to describe with each individual. Suffice to say that we observe the awakening of your souls and marvel at its beauty, another unique soul in the universe finding its expression, its light, its beauty in God’s universe, so full, so full of life.

Would it be helpful to know of a gift that you possess? Possibly, and within your prayers if you ask, you will have a clear recollection of a gift that is within you. What do you bring to your group, your circle of seven? Many things. All that you bring is reflected in love and with the power of love many things are expressed. May I describe the many, many colours that are reflected through each one of you? Is this possible? Those that you see upon the walls ( prism reflections) are a dim compared to the wonderful reflections of light through each of your souls. It is beautiful and it does change because it is subject to many conditions within your souls, your bodies, your minds. All are interactive and inter-dependent and so a kaleidoscope of colour and expressions comes, as you come together in these prayers, as you express yourselves through your lives. So much, so much to know, to understand, beloveds. This is why we say that the progression of your soul, the awakening and expression of your soul through the Father’s blessing of His Love, is infinite. So, if we describe a moment together, if that is possible, to bring to you all the details of the many layers of your existence and expression at this very moment, it will change to the next moment and change again. So this cannot be done, this cannot truly be done. You must accept that the expression of life in your universe is ever changing. You are ever evolving within your souls and your souls reflect this with each moment.

We may say to you some things about what we see, but they are not permanent. They change and evolve as you continue to find your expression in the world moment by moment, day by day. When we say that there are many opportunities, many blessings, many things available to you with each day, you must see that these opportunities reflect your condition, the energies within you, your thoughts. The love expressed through your souls, the way of your bodies both material and spiritual, so many things, so many layers, reflecting your being in God’s infinitely complex world. But I can assure you my beloveds that your progress continues upward to greater light, refining your soul, purifying all that you are, changing the structures, influencing all the layers, bringing together all that you are in harmony and light.

I would say to you that this understanding, that you are moving forward in your progression and your expression, is a wonderful gift that comes from your efforts and prayers. There is no need to stop and contemplate all the complexities of what and how you are at this moment. Instead, accept willingly with joy, the wonderment that is your being, that is forever changing and evolving in the Father’s Love. This is the miracle beloved souls, the miracle of God’s creation, the power of His Touch upon you and how this opens the way to many gifts, many awakenings, many expressions, beautiful in the service of God.

Beloved souls you are a beautiful miracle of God’s creation and you will continue to awaken and bring forth the many wondrous facets of your being and expressions of your soul. May His Love continue to pour within you, nurturing your souls, awakening all of these treasures that all that you are capable of may come to life and be expressed in this world. As you dedicate yourselves to service, so this shall be. We will assist you in the expression of these gifts. God will continue to enliven your soul as you pray and all will work towards great harmony, joy and love.

May you know deep peace, beloved friends. May you know deep awakenings and revelations from your soul and find the true joy that comes with life expressed in harmony with God’s laws and Will and Love. So much, so much beloveds. How can I speak to you of all these things? I can only speak of these simple truths for this is what you are capable of understanding at this time. As you grow, as this instrument grows, as the love continues to infill you, then maybe there will be the opportunity to express more, to speak of more things of which you are curious of. But until that time, we will speak in generalities and bring the truths that matter the most to you.

God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. My love is with you always, beloveds. God bless you.