Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 9, 2018
Location: Gibsons, British Columbia

The transformation of the soul does not end with changes within the structure of the soul. This transformation begins in the soul with the power of God’s Essence opening the soul, awakening the soul in so many ways, enlivening all the chambers and facets of the soul, bringing the faculties of the soul into alignment with your consciousness as it awakens and becomes active. Your capacity to see the world, to love the world, increases exponentially with this gift of Love. The power of this light placed within your soul expands and touches you on every level, every part of you. Every aspect of your existence is changed by this gift. As it grows in power, so the influence increases, touching every cell in your body, every system of your spirit body, every part of your physical mind and the mind of your consciousness is infused with the consciousness of the soul.

So you see, my beloveds, this transformation is truly profound and will bring many changes to your perceptions, your physicality, your mindsets, your thoughts, your aspirations, your desires, and your motivations. The power of Love, my beloveds, is immense. Its touch upon you is deep. It brings changes that are permanent. It brings and infuses the evolution of your being with every prayer. Every drop of God’s Love that comes within you adds to the light, the light that glows and infuses all of you.

In the beginning of this journey, the effects are very subtle indeed. Yet even with this beginning touch, the soul stirs and awakens. Emanating from the soul is a deep desire for more of this sustenance, these living waters, to refresh the parched soul, to enliven all that is the soul. So each of you have been on a journey that has been, for some, many years and you have experienced many shifts and changes which originate from this soulful awakening. Now we have asked you to consider how your material mind and the mind of your souls may become integrated, fused together into one mind, one consciousness. So that there is no guessing as to what is happening within you, that there is no confusion or misinterpretation. This process does not happen in an instant, but the more that you are awakened by the soul, aware as you honour your soul in love, as you continue to migrate your consciousness towards that of the soul, it becomes easier, it becomes more evident. The connections are forged so that there is a clear passage of consciousness between the two and this is the first step.

As your soul becomes more readily accessed by your mind, then this fusion begins, wearing the passage more permanently within your consciousness, bringing these two very different aspects of you together in harmony and mutual understanding, mutual recognition. Yes, it is like a birthing, this awakening of the soul, this consciousness so tender and vulnerable, soft, and in need of the strength that you carry in a conscious way, the love that you carry, the wisdom and knowledge that you carry. This all strengthens the soul in its overt expression. In return the soul gives deep and varied perceptions, profound wisdom, joy, and love. As these aspects merge together in a joyful recognition and acknowledgement, embracing one another in conscious and loving desire for deep connection, these parts of you begin to merge and blend until there comes a time, given enough of this gift of Divine Love within your soul, that all will merge into oneness. There will be no sense of separation. There will only be the singular consciousness of the soul mind merging with the material mind.

This is your goal, my beloveds. It is not something you can accomplish in these few days together but it is the beginning of the recognition of this process, this awakening. Each of you will have profound insights into this and will truly come to know your own soul and to come to recognize in an honest way, those things within your mind that are not in harmony with your soul. In this deeper recognition, the peeling away of these layers of error, of thought, of fear, of confusion, being released, being healed, so that the soul is more readily able to merge with the mind.

So you continue your journeys, my beloved, beloved friends. The journey goes deeper, as it must. The awakening more profound, as it is. The consciousness becomes one and you are complete in the awakening of your soul. This is coming. Yet, even this is not the end but merely the beginning. Soul progression, soul consciousness does not end. It expands and grows with inflow of this Love, the eternal awakening towards at-onement with God. You just begin your journey, my beloved friends. You are beginning to understand yourselves, who you are, what it is that you truly seek and what it is that is truly coming. And it brings joy, amazement, fulfillment, deep recognition of the wonderment of God’s creation, that creation that is you, with all its beautiful aspects and facets and capacities and gifts.

So much more to discover, my friends, so much more. But in this time together, you will have made great strides towards this goal of awakening. You will be profoundly different in this experience. You have come together and dedicated your time to this. In this effort will come great rewards. Not an end point but a beginning point for deeper and more profound awakenings, and expressions, and gifts within. The resistance of your mind is beginning to be assuaged by the influence of love. You are each feeling its affects, the gifts of the blessings and healings that you receive each day together. You will continue to feel the power and enormity of these blessings. You will continue to awaken thus as you receive and drink deep of all these things. Naturally the evolution and awakening that is happening within you will unfold and give birth to new and wonderful things within you. This is God’s gift to you. His Love is expressed in many wondrous ways. His Love for you, so profound, so glorious. You begin to see, my beloveds, to truly see. And we continue on this journey together.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Seretta Kem. I continue to walk with you, to help, to guide, and inform, inspire and cajole you upon this path. You are loved. You are surrounded by angels. You are blessed and you become awakened in love. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.