Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 23, 2018
Location: Gibsons, British Columbia

God bless you, I am Andrew. In God’s creation, all things seek harmony. All movement, evolution, expression of God’s creation is drawn to seek harmony in the way that it interacts and is with all other things. God has created this need within all of His creation for this, to be in step with the ebbs and flows of the creative force of the universe. There is only one creature in God’s universe that does not seek harmony and that is the souls of mankind. Though within their souls, within all of your souls, there is a compulsion, a need, to be in harmony, but because the minds of so many in your world are predominant and each soul is given the gift of free will, there is a lack of harmony. And that the desire for love, to express love, to be in the flow of love, is suppressed by the mind.

As mankind becomes more willful and his desires continue to grow for power and control, for wealth, for all things material, this sense within is lost and there is no harmony. So many in your world blame God for all injustice, the pain, the suffering of humanity. Yet, if the souls of mankind could only listen to God, to utilize the faculties of the soul and the sensibilities of the mind, harmonized and focused upon the great desire of the soul to be with God and to be with God in harmony, then your world would be a different place, would it not? This is what we seek, beloved souls. This is what we seek, to bring humanity to that place of harmony, of loving one another, of recognizing the beauty of God’s creation in all things including each other.

So when you wish to go out and teach and be a channel of love and walk amongst your brothers and sisters guided by God, this is your message. Seek harmony. Seek harmony through love. Seek love through God. Such a simple message. And yet, humanity is so far away from this truth, so lost from these simple, sensible, powerful truths. So you must go out, my beloved, beloved friends and teach this truth and be an example of this truth. Be unyielding to the power of darkness and invite all good and love and light into your being and into your lives. As your souls grow, you will know immediately what is in harmony with God’s creation, with His laws of Love, with all things that are of light. Your recognition continues to grow and your strength continues to guide you upon the right course of action, to be in harmony with God.

Where there is suffering, there is disharmony. Where there is a lack of love, there is disharmony. Where things of God’s creation are not nurtured and given life, there is disharmony. So you must discern for yourselves, beloved souls, what is of God and what is not? What is of life and what is not? What is of love and what is not? These are your daily challenges. For each of you, as with all of humanity, have been infected by error and a lack of love and truth and connection with God. But you, my beloved souls, have chosen to reach out to your Creator, to receive the blessing of His Love that continues to harmonize your being and bring harmony to your life and being.

Beloved souls, you hold the key, the key that will unlock the door of light flooding in, touching many souls. Continue in your efforts, your prayers, your desires, your great effort to bring your soul into harmony and at-onement with God. It is in this time of prayer and fellowship, of working for the cause of bringing light to the world that you will find what you seek and you will express truth and harmony in your lives.

Your souls continue to awaken to this, my beloved friends. You will recognize the truth. You will see the error. You will find your way through the forest of error that mankind has created and come to those sunny meadows of peace and truth and harmony. It is your destiny, beloved souls, as you continue to receive this gift of Divine Love. So, you are drawn to the light and all that is good. You are drawn to God and God will guide you and bring you to light. You have chosen well, beloveds. You have chosen to walk the road of love and truth, of peace and harmony. And this will carry you far, further than the eye can see, for this journey is for all eternity. Beloved souls, be with God and all will unfold and flow in gracious love, enveloping love, strengthening love, embracing love, wondrous love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew. My love is with you. God bless you.