Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 17, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Matthew. There are many mortals in your world who have donned the mantel of a teacher and who are confident in the words that they speak. Yet, for many of these individuals who claim to speak spiritual truth, they have come to create within their minds set beliefs and structures made of words and intellectual understanding. But it goes no deeper than the mind and neglects to harmonize with the soul. So, what they portray as truth is actually, in many respects, untruth; merely the machinations of an intellect that has been allowed free reign and creativity, and therefore gives its reality freedom to be expressed.

My precious friends, you have encountered much of this in your travels and conversations with those in this place. Indeed, you sense their commitment to this understanding, their intellectual acuity, their ability to express in words and complex issues that may be difficult to understand with your own minds. For you do not place such priority and focus upon the intellect. Yet, in your hearts you know that what they speak is not of truth but of a desire to be acknowledged as a teacher. A desire to proclaim what they believe is truth to the world, giving such a deep acknowledgement to them that they feel that they are seen and heard and known.

So, for you beloved souls, you are caught between a desire to acknowledge your sister or brother and the understanding of the soul that says: “Much of this is of error and I do not subscribe to this perspective, for my soul knows differently.” The other side of this dilemma is that to express the truth of your soul you cannot use such eloquent and complex ideas and expressions of the mind in order to convince that individual who honors the mind above all. Because the truth, my beloved souls, is simple.

The truth is evident and is provable by experience, by opening to God, by knowing through your own communion with God. This is where Truth is, beloved souls. I know that you are aware of this and subscribe to this perspective. So I come to you to assure you that though you may not go head to head with those who are intellectually astute and who are committed and strong in their beliefs since the power of your love and your light and truth is way beyond those individuals’ capacity to understand. For they have a bright mind but often a withered soul, or a soul that is weak and not attended to as you do with your daily prayers and efforts.

This you will encounter over and over again, this challenging from those of great intellectual knowledge and little true spiritual understanding. Do not feel frustrated in regards to these interactions. It is a test and a challenge and a gift from God. For you may compare your own spiritual understanding with theirs and realize that your truth goes deeper, is higher and has more power to it than does any construct of the mind and the intellect.

You must believe in yourselves, beloved souls. Walk in faith and truth. Have compassion for those who are misdirected in their understanding of things of the spiritual and of God. Have joy that you are awakening to the Truth and that your understanding is deep, that your experience is profound, that the words you speak, though simple, are powerful and that the test for you beloved souls, is how you may stand up and speak this Truth with all its simplicity and glory and light, with love and compassion and comfort and light, to all those who listen. God will put the words in your mouth, beloveds. God will bring His angels to support you. God will bless you in these efforts.

Though some will reject you because they do not see beyond their expectations of intellectual acuity, many will indeed feel within their hearts the truth that you speak of. Though they may interpret in their own minds and with their own words what you say, it is the soul that has acknowledged the truth. This is what is required and important in your work. Continue to speak your truth. Express your truth in light and love. Bring comfort. Bring love to all you meet and God will ask no more of you than this. You do God’s work when you bring love.

May God bless you upon your work and journeys and efforts in far-off lands. Indeed, you are blessed and doors will continue to open for you, my beloved friends, and bring to you all the glories and wonderment and light and love that God’s Soul to your soul, may bring and be showered upon you.

God bless you beloveds. I am Matthew and my love is with you. God bless you both.