Spirit: Faith
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 17, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is Faith. Yes, I know my beloved friends that you are not so aware of the work that is being accomplished in your mission. It is like a screen, a curtain has been pulled around you and this is for very good reason: to protect you from conditions that may distract and disturb at times. For there is are a great many energies and conditions at the Center and in your movements around this country that could be disruptive and difficult for you. So around you is a beautiful light, a bubble of protection that keeps you within the condition of God’s Love and helps you to move within that condition without other influences impinging upon it. This is how you will all move in your ways and directions in the world. God protects you, beloved souls. But also, God uses you as a channel of love to awaken others, to comfort others, to bring healing and peace and when possible, to bring the good news of God’s Love to those souls who are receptive to this message.

Yes, God’s plan is subtle. It is not easily understood by the mind, but it is clearly felt by the soul is it not? As you move in your day, do you not feel that you are where you are meant to be? No matter what is going and coming and being manifest in your life at that very moment, you are where you are meant to be, that God has placed you there, that God will continue to place you in many and varied conditions in the world. Yet in your heart, you know and will express your purpose in these conditions and in these travels.

As I have said to you before, you lay foundations that are important, as did these beautiful souls before you, as did others before them and this continues to build. There is a plan and there will be in time, manifestations of God’s work within this building, this place designated by God as a Center of Light. It is for each of you to walk in this place with faith, strength and clarity.

You need not alter your words to appease others, but clearly state the Truth as you know it. In this way, you ring the bell that brings the Truth forward in this place. Though others within their minds may not understand or disagree, that bell that tolls from God to the souls with whom you speak, is powerful and will strike the chord, that shift within the soul, and eventually it will come to light. This Truth will come to light. I do not mean for you to be argumentative or forceful in you deliveries, but merely clear and strong in your truth. At times it is appropriate to say nothing at all and at other times, it is important to say the truth with gentle humility and grace.

Indeed, your efforts to help sustain the portal that is present within this building, comprise of at least half of the work that you are doing there. It is important that you continue to pray there as often as you can and to keep within all of your consciousness, the importance of sustaining not only this portal, but all the portals in the world. For these magical gifts from God have potentials and capacities far beyond your ability to understand my friends. They will play a key role in the future, when the great changes come and so many are in confusion and error and despair.

Many manifestations of truth and comfort and light, even our presence known to those in the flesh, will come to these places and guide those who are lost in the grief of such radical change in the world will have their eyes opened, their understanding awakened, and their souls touched by this Light and Truth and what God manifests in these places.

Such is your mission, beloved souls, to continue to seek out those designated Portals of Light and those created in prayer and those planned by God. This will be a mission that will last for the rest of your days and will bring you to many places and will open up many doors so that you may help to establish, sustain, recognize and acknowledge these places and explain their purpose to others.

I would urge you to talk of this Portal with your hosts and how this keeps you coming back again and again to this place. Help them to understand your mission. Though they may have difficulty understanding the complexities and the subtleties of this beautiful gift given to this place, surely they will feel your passion and your eagerness and commitment to help sustain the gift of this Portal. Such a precious gift given and indeed this place is honored by God with this gift.

Do not underestimate the power of this Portal, the importance and its place within God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. It is a Holy Benediction upon this land, a great gift from God. You, beloved souls, are honored with the knowledge of this gift and given the responsibility to be the caretakers of this gift. In this you are greatly blessed my friends. In this, you have a great responsibility, all of you, to sustain these conditions, this light in the world.

Consider yourself deeply blessed with this mission and opportunity. It will continue to grow in Light as you continue to pray for this gift and as you continue to grow in the gift of God’s Love. So much will be accomplished. Yes, you are at the beginning stages of what will be a very complex dance, expressing the Will of God in the world. This requires faith and strength, love, and in all cases, a sense of joy for what is in God’s Universe, what is meant to be in God’s plan, what is deeply blessed in God’s Love for you all.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Faith and I understand your struggles and those difficulties that the Earth plane brings. But know that on a deeper level, you continue to enact the Will of God through your souls and the wisdom of your souls and the love within your souls; that this is the work; this is what God wishes for you to do, and you comply and seek to express the Light and Will of God. May God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you and I continue to escort you upon your travels. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.