Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 16, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God’s Love bless you, beloved souls, and carry you into the heights of Light and joy and peace, knowing in a conscious way, the Touch of God upon you, feeling the power of Love uplifting and healing and cleansing you, beloved souls. For you seek the Highest Source, the Greatest Blessing, the most beautiful awakening that can come to each soul. Yes, my beloved beautiful brothers, I oversee your progression. I come to you often, each one of you and many others, encouraging and bringing the blessings that I may give as God’s instrument, to those of you who are in need, who are seeking Truth, who are seeking God. It is my blessing and privilege to serve you, beloved souls. The longings within your hearts, my beloved brothers, bring you ever closer to Truth and Light and Love.

Much of the conditions of this world have come about because of the nature of men who wish to have power and control, who see that they must be strong and able to fight for and obtain what it is they desire in the world, using their will and their abilities to accomplish the fulfillment of their mind’s desires. This has brought about much destruction and inharmony in the world, because within the minds of men there is a need to be independent and strong and acknowledged by those around them as such. Yet this is not the true nature of men. Underneath this veneer, this mindful idea of what a man is, is another layer of true gifts and abilities that God has placed within each soul, and within that soul is the capacity for great love and tenderness and humility. I beseech you all, men and women, to encourage these capacities in your brothers, to love, to walk in the world with deep insight and humility, to be a channel of love in the world, to care for your brothers and sisters.

For there is great strength in the souls of men, a strength that can heal and embrace and create in a world in conjunction with God. There is much that may be accomplished with those who are awake and can see beyond the superficial encroachments of the human condition to that place of wisdom and tenderness and love. Without humanity breaking through these veneers of behavior and understanding of who they are, the world will continue to suffer from the illusions and delusions that are so rife within the cultures and understandings of much of humanity. The power to break through the armor and the error comes with this gift of Love, it comes from God’s Touch upon the soul awakening the true aspects of each soul and bringing the ability and the understanding to each beloved child of God what they may be in this world, what they may accomplish in this world that is in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation and Love.

Yes, there is so much that must come to each soul in your world. There must be great change and deep understanding of the true nature of each soul so that they may indeed express themselves with wisdom and grace and beauty, with love and joy. I urge you all to walk in the Grace of God’s Love, to be a channel of His Love in this world, to delve deep within yourselves and come to understand your true natures, the wonderment of your own soul in relationship with God. For there is much to experience and there is much to express in a soul that is awakened by the Divine Love. Each of you is earnest and longs to continue to grow in this way, to find your way in this great forest of conditions, of the interactions with others, with all that is in your world that challenges light and love.

Be strong, beloveds. Not a strength that comes with the physical nature of men, or the willfulness and power that they seek. No, a strength that comes with the soft winds of love, with the embrace that comes with a soul that is in harmony with God, with the wisdom that is expressed from the soul and that all is understood and clear to each of you beloveds. That the way of God, the way of love, the gentleness and humility that comes, is what will save your world and bring harmony back to God’s Creation.

You are all called by God to change within yourselves those things that cause inharmony, that lack love and lacks insight into truth. Each of you continues to walk that road towards greater truth and love. We will continue to walk with you, beloved souls, to be by your side as you learn and grow and express the true natures of your souls.

Beloveds, I bring a blessing of peace and healing to you, uplifting you into the Light of God’s Presence and Grace upon you. May your souls open like a flower to His Touch and the warmth of His Love, bringing you to that place of deep peace, deep love, deep joy.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Confucius and I love you dearly. I love you all, my brothers, my sisters. I love you all. God bless you. God bless you beloveds.