Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 20, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. I come from the Celestial Heavens to this place of Light, utilizing the Portal of Light that is here in this place and being drawn by your desires and prayers, beloved souls. For the Law of Attraction and Communication plays its part and allows us from these high spheres to be with you and to pray with you. Many of you here understand these laws and understand the importance of nurturing your souls through prayer, understand the Source of Light from whence it comes, from our Creator. There is much knowledge that you understand clearly. Though I must say that for each soul in this world, there is so much more to know; that your understanding is somewhat rudimentary. But to lay a foundation of Truth as you have, in the beginning of your existence as an individualized soul, is a profound step towards Light and Truth. 

As you pray for this gift of Divine Love, opening up the avenues of understanding within you, each chamber of your soul awakening bit by bit as God infiltrates with His Divine Essence within your soul, so your capacity to understand Truth awakens. Because it is the power and the ability of the soul and the mind of the soul to know Truth that will bring you to that place of understanding the power of Love, the power of God’s Love to awaken the soul. 

Each of you must come to the realisation that your material minds, your intellects, the ideas that come in this way, is merely a shadow of what may come with the awakening of your soul and your soul mind. In this way, Truth comes in a different form, a different capacity to understand. The soul is enveloped by Truth. When a soul is awakened, this Truth becomes a conscious and real thing which can then travel towards the material mind, so that both are in alignment and both aspects of your conscious self come into harmony and true understanding.

In your world, there are many who profess to know the Truth, who are adamant and say that they are clear in their understanding. I say to you beloved souls, the journey of understanding Truth goes on forever. So that the kernel of Truth that you know now is planted in the soil of the soul and nurtured by the Blessings of God and grows into something wondrous and magnificent. In time, your soul becomes a garden of Truth, so many beautiful Truths. So much that comes with the fertile soil of the awakened soul. God plants many seeds within you, beloveds; much to understand, much to experience, much to know in the very depths of your soul. So be patient with yourself, beloved souls, and know what you think you understand at this moment, is merely the beginning, the kernel, the seed, just barely awakened and beginning its journey of realization.

Be patient with one another. Be patient with all the children in the world and realize that your capacity to understand is just the beginning of awakening. There is much that will come as God continues to pour His Love within you, opening your eyes, opening that vast capacity to understand Truth that is within your soul. If you truly knew what this means, this beginning, you would be humble indeed. For you are all children of God and God nurtures each one, helping to guide the way, showing the path that will someday lead to at-onement and someday lead to vast knowledge, understanding, and Truth. 

So, you begin your journey, beloved souls, and you have discovered wonderful things thus far have you not? Yet, there is so much more to come and we are pleased to escort you upon that journey, help you to learn and understand the Truths of God’s Universe. This will come drop by drop, day by day, prayer by prayer, as your faith strengthens. Your soul perceptions begin to open like a flower and true understanding comes to you, sometimes in revelation, sometimes as a small drop of knowing, sometimes through the difficult lessons that one learns in life. 

With each day there is the possibility of knowing a little more Truth. Understanding yourselves in a deeper way and understanding God in such a way, that you will see your life in this world and the Universe with different eyes; different, yet joyful and full of love.

May God bless you on your journey, beloved souls. I am Matthew and I am pleased to be able to speak to you today. May God bless you and may His Love continue to pour into you, a constant stream, a journey of awakening that never ends. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you. I am Matthew. God bless you.