Spirit: Faith
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 21, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is Faith. I thank you for your dedications in the World Healing Centre, that your prayers were felt, the Portal of Light has been strengthened, and you are slowly making inroads into the hearts of those who are part of this place. Yet, there is more work to be done, as you well know; much to accomplish and to put into balance, so that the Light of God’s Presence and Love may be there in abundance and felt by all those who enter within the building.

My beloved friends, consider that you will return, that there is more time needed, more efforts in prayer, more efforts in conversation, more efforts in love. It is delightful to see that you travel about, being a channel of Love for so many, earnestly making efforts to speak the Truth and demonstrate the Truth to those who are willing to hear and to accept you. The angels continue to make great inroads into your work and your presence, in many different places. The time comes when you will travel to places that you are not familiar with or do not know the names of, but there are souls and individuals who are longing for the Truth where your presence would be greatly appreciated and helpful towards their continuous understanding of Truth.

Beloved souls, as you continue to dedicate yourselves to this work, you are being guided and God will furnish the way and the means for you to travel and encounter many. When you travel, beloved souls, know that the angels are by your side, that God’s Hand is upon you and that you are being protected. Do not let these places that are unfamiliar to you take you off your game, as you would say, but to be confident and faithful and composed in the flow of God’s Love and all will unfold as planned. All will take place within the harmony and guidance of God’s Will.

Each time that you venture forward, as you do and meet the challenges that you come to experience in these travels, you are getting stronger and wiser and the confidence grows. The understanding of what is required becomes more complete within your minds. Your souls are singing with these experiences and with God’s Touch that guides you forward.

Yes, the material world is a complicated place presenting many challenges. There are those who would challenge you and try to take you from that place of serenity and Truth. I say to you, my beloved friends, that this will happen wherever you go. There will always be those who will challenge, who disbelieve, who are suspicious, even jealous. You, beloved souls, must be strong in the Father’s Love, connected with God in the flow of His Will, knowing that you are being carried, that we are with you always and continue to guide your footsteps.

Our love for you is great, beloved souls. When we see you stepping forward, brave and in faith, it brings great joy to our hearts; to see another child growing up, maturing, strengthening in love, walking in faith, seeing the power of God’s Love as a testimony that you are expressing with each step that you take.

You begin to see the potentials, the possibilities within you. You are learning many lessons, growing from these lessons, growing in wisdom, growing in Love. You continue to walk upon God’s Path designated for you and it brings joy to us all. Does it not? That God has indeed, a plan, a way, a means to bring this Truth to mankind. You are a part, all of you here are a part of this great venture and you are deeply loved, deeply loved.

God bless you beloveds. God bless you. I am Faith and I love you.