Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 18, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

Oh, my precious little birds. How you love to flock together in the Light of the Father’s Love and you sing your songs of truth and give your love to one another. And do you not see how wherever you go, God opens doors, opportunities to speak of God’s Love, to speak of the truth, to speak of your own experiences? To exclaim to the world, I am loved, and this is how I am loved, how I see and know that I am loved in the world and it is in these heartfelt exclamations of truth and love that the hearts of others are touched, and they too are inspired, and they seek this blessing from God.

Beloved souls, continue to share your stories and do so with joy and with the confidence that you are doing God’s work beloveds. You are doing God’s work in the world as you speak your words of truth and share those times in your life that you have been greatly uplifted and inspired.

Yes, the angels are with you and have been with each one of you all of your lives beloveds, all of your lives. For your souls have committed themselves to this path and did so even before you were born. There was purpose and a road to follow that your souls knew of and dedicated themselves to following this path of light and truth, to helping others to come aware of the power and glory of God and His Love.

Do you not see this as you look back upon your life, how God has carried you and guided you? How your souls have compelled you upon your path and how God has opened many doors, many opportunities to learn and grow, to love, and to know joy and beauty in your lives. Many more doors will be opened beloveds, many more doors. Opportunities will come your way as you continue to pray to be used as a channel of love, an instrument of truth, a light in the world.

Yes beloveds, you are a light in the world and God has lifted you up from all these conditions of the world that have burdened you and hurt you and distracted you, so that you may indeed be pure in the light, in the truth with clarity, power, beauty, love. We have great joy when we watch you make the choices for light and traverse this road of life reaching out to the Heavenly Father, reaching out to one another, seeking the strength and comfort that comes with this fellowship, with your prayers, with the deep desire to be awakened in your soul.

You walk the path of Love. It is lit by God. It is within the grace of God’s Love and flow. You come to know His Will. You come to know His Will and His Love for you. This recognition will grow. Your understanding will deepen. Your love for yourselves and one another shall grow indeed, the inflow of this great gift of Love. So much awaits you beloved souls. So much that God wishes to give to you and infill your soul with His Love that is endless, that you may expand and expand within your soul with this great Love and blessing.

Always walk in the Truth of the Father’s Love. Seek His guidance. Come to know the footfalls that you must make with each day by knowing your own soul and saying a prayer to God to guide you. And my little birds you will fly into the light of His Love, rising ever higher and higher, knowing the joy and the ecstasy of His Touch, His Love for you.

All is open to you my beloveds. For, in many ways you have overcome the barriers, overcome the obstacles that each soul must face in this world and now His Light shines upon you beloveds, and your wings spread forth and your joy and your song is a song beautiful that pleases the Ears of God. You are His children upon the wings of Love.

His Grace is upon you beloveds. The deep peace of His Presence is with you. I am with you beloved souls as you continue to explore the world of love and truth. God bless you. Confucius loves you. I am with you often. God bless you beloveds. Bless you and keep you in His Light.