Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 17, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

How pleased I am to see my beloved daughters all together in love, praying together, speaking with love and harmony with one another, increasing the bonds that will increase the light amongst you, beloved souls. For who amongst you can walk alone? There is a deep need for one another, a deep need to gaze within the eyes of the others and say, I understand your experience of reaching to the Father for His Love. I know you because I share this truth and this beautiful light that we have all gained through our prayers to God to receive His Love, this holy benediction from His Holy Spirit.

Beloved souls, continue to connect, to be sisters and brothers in love. For you need one another. You need to accept your differences and to enjoy the similarities and to confirm with one another the truth of your experience with God. In this way you become a family, and in this way, you become a strength in the world. Bringing your light and your love together grows the light exponentially. It multiplies, it grows as you continue to seek more of the Father’s blessing of Love. As you step forward one at a time, so you encourage and bless your brothers and sisters. You affirm the truth and you bring the strength and clarity that is needed. For as you grow in love, so you come to accept all in love. You come to realize how unique each soul is and how unique that journey is on this world.

Yet in all this uniqueness, there are many similarities, many ways which you acknowledge and recognize the experiences that others have had in this world. There are so few of you in this world, my beloveds. Please make every effort to bond together in love, to work together for the salvation of mankind. For God has a great plan and He needs all his servants, His channels of love, His children of Divine Love to come together in harmony, to work together, so that there is truly a clear perception and understanding of the gifts and uniqueness of each soul. Yet all is blanketed and infused with the Father’s Love. Do you not feel this together, my beloveds, how this Love bonds you? Though you have had different experiences in the world, and you may see the world differently through your own unique eyes, you see the power of love working amongst you and how it draws you together and magnifies the light amongst you.

Beloved souls, carry the torch of truth wherever you go and keep close to you the realization that you have brothers and sisters in the world who know your journey, who know you as a beautiful soul and who love you. Do not let the differences of your minds and your minds’ perceptions cloud your soulful love for one another. God wants you to be together in love and harmony. God needs you to be strong in this way. So that when certain doors open in this world you may all walk through them in unity and harmony, in peace and joyful love. The world may see that the power of love is real and is expressed in concrete ways in your lives and amongst you.

For many, many years upon this earth plane, so many have been in conflict with one another over their beliefs and their religious practices, creating greater disharmony, creating much darkness, anger and confusion. For so many see the world through their mind’s eye and cannot go deeper to the understanding of their souls. Yet you, my beloveds, understand your souls. You feel the power within your souls, and the beauty of the love that the Father has placed within you. This is your strength. This is your wisdom. This is the power that God will use to guide you through your lives as His channels and instruments for change and love in the world. If you allow your minds to close you away from your brothers and sisters because you have encouraged judgement, you have nurtured pain within you. You have locked out love and instead have come to a place of resistance, then you do not do God’s work. You merely say the words of truth but do not live them. I am not suggesting that any of you here have done this to any great degree, though you are human and you indulge yourselves at times with judgement and distance from one another. Still, the power of God’s Love draws you together again and again, allows the power of your soul’s light to reinforce the bonds of love. This brings us joy to see this.

I say to you brothers and sisters, continue to walk in this way. Continue to demonstrate the Truth of God’s Love by expressing love in every way in your lives, showing those who are lost, who struggle with the conditions of the world, who are misinformed and ignorant, that it is love that will bring the truth, harmony, and joy amongst you. Yes, the negative forces of this world will try to wrench you asunder, to make your life difficult, to influence you to believe in all the negative and dark ideas and perceptions directed your way. You are aware of this, beloved souls, and you pray for protection and help to become stronger in the light, to become clearer in the truth, and to love yourselves, beloveds. It is so important that you love yourselves. For if you cannot love yourself, you cannot spread love to others. It is in proportion to your own love. It is a reflection of the love you carry within you and are truly a part of this love in all of your ways and means and beings.

You grow with each day. You walk upon this path in prayer. You seek to release those conditions that are not of love. I urge you to do so with prayers fervent, with intentions pure, with the goal of healing and harmony within you and all about you. This is the essence of the Truth of God’s Love, to be in harmony within yourself, to be in peace and to know yourself truly, and to love yourself completely. In this way you step close to God. For God wishes that love may be your world, your understanding in all ways, in all manifestations of your life and within yourself. This is the power of God’s Love. So you come together eager in prayer, eager to know one another, to discover the beauty of your souls together. This is the blessing of God’s Love. You will indeed come to love one another more deeply as you continue to share and be together. This is the beauty of God’s Love, my beloveds. You are His children. You walk in His Light. You have His Hand upon you. There is no more beautiful and powerful way to live in this world then this. You have discovered this truth, this beautiful truth, and continue to strive to live it and be it in your lives. In this, many blessings flow to you. Many beautiful gifts come to you. It deepens your life in so many ways. Such beautiful qualities and experiences in your life come from God. May your love always go to God and acknowledge His great gifts that have been given and the wonderment of a life lived in love.

We are with you. We continue to walk with you, beloved souls. I continue to pray for each one of you and all my brothers and sisters who are seeking the truth in this world. Many, many angels set forth to pray for all of you that the world may change, that the world may foster light and love and hear and know the Truth of God and the Will of God. For in this way, and this way only, will humanity find its way out of all its dilemmas and all these conditions that have been created for millennia. A sad state of affairs, my friends. Very sad indeed. Yet you brave and beautiful souls have forged against the tide of darkness and come to be in rapport with God in deep faith and love with God. May you continue your journeys, beloveds, and we will continue to follow you, support you, and love you. May God bless you deeply within your souls and keep you uplifted in His Light, healed in His Love, joyful in the realization of truth and the awakening of your souls. God bless you, I am Mary and I love you. God bless you.