Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 19, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, I am Mathew. There will come a time in the existence of the Earth where death will not be feared but accepted as a normal part of the progression of life by all peoples in your world and there will not be a fear of death, a loathing of death, and the feeling that it is the end of all. Instead, the transition to the world of spirit will be celebrated, a changing of the conditions in which a soul lives and operates, which is the truth. It is nothing more than this. There may not be a great distance between those who pass and those who love that soul from this earth plane. It will be a smooth and seamless progression in life, seen with joy and wisdom rather than fear and ignorance.

For much of this comes from the mind, beloved souls, the mind that is so reliant upon the five senses of the body, that such things are not plausible or known to any depth. So, as you progress within your souls and as the faculties of your souls are enlivened by the Father’s blessing of His Love, you come to realize this truth. Life in this world is a gift, has a purpose, carries you along in your progression and the development of your soul and your identity. When this purpose is complete, progressing to the next level of existence is the reasonable choice. It is part of God’s plan for humanity, bringing with it so many experiences and opportunities to grow within the soul as one progresses through the spheres of spirit. Yet, to so many in this world such things are a great mystery, apparently unprovable, unreliable, these ideas born from the imaginations of men rather than the truth that comes with all beings in this world. It is this rigidity of the mind, this lack of understanding that holds humanity back in its progress towards harmony and peace.

Yes, life in your world must have a deep respect from others, from each one. Yet the transition to the world of spirit is also a blessing, a deep blessing from God. For all in God’s universe, all life that is created does not vanish into nothing. It continues in one form or another, in one way or another. All that you are beloved souls, without your physical bodies, is the same as you are now. It does not diminish or disappear. It continues to grow and evolve and be, and continues to become more than it is now,

as God’s Love continues to pour into your souls, expanding your souls in light and love, enlivening your souls and its faculties and abilities and gifts. So these things find their expression in life. For life is everywhere, in every dimension, in every way and form, complexity and expression in the universe of God’s creation.

As you progress, you absorb more of life, more of this great light and energy. As your souls open, the inflowing into your soul exemplifies and expands all aspects of who you are and what you are. You become greater than you are as you progress forward, and you carry with you all the memories and knowledge of your existence to date and this becomes a part of who you are. Some things that are not in harmony are released. Other things that are a gift from God are expanded. As you awaken within your souls so much comes to you in awareness and knowledge, in joy and love. All of these things become a part of you integrated and fully actuated in your being, making you more than what you are today.

This the eternal progress of the soul that is ignited by the Father’s Love. For some, their progress is limited by their minds but for those who wish to live by the soul in their relationship with God, their Heavenly Father, there is no limit as progress is eternal. This awakening goes on and on and you will indeed change and become more as your soul awakens in this way, as the Essence of God drips into your soul adding more of its astounding and miraculous gift to your soul. With it comes such deep perceptions, such knowings of truth, such exponential joy and profound peace that it is your soul that longs, desires this gift and these responses and reactions to this gift, this gift that goes on forever.

So my beloveds, realize who you are today, where you are today is just one more step into the future along that journey of eternal awakening and Love, at-onement with God. At-onement with God, my beloveds, this is what your soul seeks.

Do not worry or fret over the transition of your brothers and sisters and yourselves for this is all part of God’s gift in life. Each phase, each moment is a gift, a beautiful gift of life full of choices, actions, responses, awakenings, healings, releases, joy and love. As these things are experienced, you release your pain and your error, your fears, all those conditions that are not in harmony with Love. In this release comes a great feeling of freedom and joy and you do not worry of those things that are coming. Instead, there is a great appreciation and joy for what is at this moment.

Walk upon the journey of your life in this way beloved souls, having great faith that what is coming is a blessing, what you are is a miracle. Where you are going is full of the potential of great awakening and knowing there is nothing to fear. Instead, you gain so much by being close to God, knowing God, loving God and knowing His Love for you. This simple way of being is the way to enlightenment, true understanding, the true expression of your soul.

Keep God close to you beloveds. Seek His Love as much as possible. Have faith in the power of this great gift to propel you along this eternal journey and all things shall come in their own time and with this knowledge will come peace, a settling of your mind as well as your soul in its eagerness to press forward. Today is the day of great potential and tomorrow will come with its own gifts and blessings.

May God bless you with each moment and may you be receptive to these blessings that come. God bless you my beloved brothers and sisters. May you come to truly understand my words, the power of love, the power of God’s blessings upon you and you will know this deep peace and profound joy that comes with the awakened soul.

God bless you. I am Matthew and I love you. God bless you.