Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 22, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Seretta Kem. I wish to talk about the habits and routines of your life. We have said many times that one of the great hurdles that you all face in living a life in harmony with God’s Laws of Love are the many thought patterns, habits, that you express in your daily life and routines. Indeed, the dear soul has recommended that you become more aware of your judgments and to circumvent these judgements so that your thoughts are of a higher caliber and your sentiments are that of love rather than something that is not of love. This is a noble aspiration, beloved souls. It is a way of choosing light, of making a conscious choice within your material minds of how you will express yourselves in the world. It does indeed have its merits and its benefits. It allows more love to come through and be expressed by you in your life.

These patterns within you, so well worn in your minds, so well-worn within the routines of your life, are indeed difficult to change, difficult to set aside. Often, when you catch yourself within these well-worn patterns that are not loving, you tend to judge and condemn yourselves. The way of this world is to judge, condemn and exemplify what is wrong, incorrect, undesirable. This you have learned very young in your lives, these patterns, expressed to the child that they are wrong or bad and withholding love to those who are incorrect in their behaviour, that is unacceptable by the social norms and ideas of the day. So, the child learns to behave in certain ways, to establish certain patterns that bring love and recognition. This is not altogether in error, my beloveds, but withholding love is error. Explaining and teaching a child simple habits that are positive and beneficial is not unloving but ingraining within a child a sense that they are not loveable is very damaging indeed. In your world, for many in your world, to separate these two issues is difficult. There is such a blurring of the lines in how these things are communicated and reinforced in the child. Even as adults you continue in these patterns, misinterpreting judgement, misinterpreting intentions, misinterpreting love. The mind has so many edicts and suppositions within it that to see clearly through all these conditions, thoughts, intentions that are all around you can be very confusing and unclear.

Thus, you go to God seeking His Love, seeking unconditional love, seeking peace and reinforcement of positive thoughts, loving thoughts. Many of your prayers, your efforts, your intentions, your energies go to this deep desire to be loved. It influences how you pray, what you pray for, who you seek to be with, what is important in your life. So, you build a certain reality from the patterns and conditions of long ago, deeply ingrained within you. Beloved souls, it is time to let go of all of these conditions within you, to say, “I am a child reborn in Love”. In this awakening of the soul you are able to discern between the patterns and teachings of your past that are indeed in harmony with God’s Love and that which is not. This is your challenge, beloved souls, so that you may be free of this eternal struggle, these conflicts within, these conditions that continue to bedevil you and contradict your souls’ desire to be in harmony with God. For if you are indeed to be a clear channel of love, an instrument for change, an example, and to bring these gifts, such as direct voice, forward, these old issues and conditions and patterns must indeed fall away allowing the power and beauty of these gifts, of this work that lays ahead for each one of you to be expressed and enacted within the Will of God, that harmony may be your mantle, your true expression in the world.

Yes, this is a difficult situation, a challenging one for any who wish to truly be upon this Divine Path and to be a teacher and living example of this truth. It requires a great deal of work and effort, discipline and truly knowing yourself. I see that when you committed to deferring judgment in your daily life you have also recognized that many judgments slip out, many reflex responses come to your mind in any given situation that are not in accordance to your commitment for non-judgment. In this way it is a powerful exercise, is it not, seeing the patterns of your own minds and how so much within you is active and powerful in your daily interactions with life and yet not in harmony with love? Indeed, your common response to seeing these patterns enacted in a conscious way is self-deprecation and depreciation of your being, being unloving towards yourselves by judging yet again your own inability to follow what appears to be a simple request to not judge.

Beloveds, this is not a simple request. It is an important step in your growth that requires your attention and understanding of its dynamic, but it is not simple. It requires all of your skills and faith and prayers and desire for change. It is a very important step indeed for the patterns of your minds, as we have told you in the past, have become the greatest hurdle in being that channel of love, that purveyor of gifts for mankind. It is not your souls, for your souls have received a good measure of Divine Love and are bright in this beautiful blessing. But you must allow the condition of your souls to inhabit your minds, to infuse your minds with light.

Between your efforts of discipline and prayer and faith, there can indeed be a great shift within your thinking where these patterns will fall away, be melted by Love, healed by the Touch of God. You must, however, desire this and work towards it by truly recognizing the light within you and allowing this great gift of Love to rise up and fill your consciousness where there is no place for negativity or darkness, disharmony or a lack of love. When these things become foreign to you, where your natural and reflexive response is that of love, where the mind acquiesces to the wisdom of the soul, then you will know a great joy, a wonderful happiness in your life. For much that is not of joy and happiness comes from these powerful patterns of thought because within you, deep within you, is great love and joy, something that is growing and living inside of you. But the mind still insists upon domination, still insists upon its way of being in the world. It has such a desire to control and to suppress and sometimes express all these feelings of being unloved.

So, there are two parts of you, beloved souls. A part that is discovering love, is falling in love with God and is falling in love with your true natures, who you are within your soul. And there is a part of you that is fearful of letting go, is insistent upon control and power, because there is such fear that without this you will not continue to exist, for your existence has been predicated upon these powerful conditions that have been set within you from the beginning of your birth as the world complies and exemplifies and reinforces these erroneous conditions created by mankind over many, many long years in this world.

God desires for you, beloved souls, to break these chains, to be strong, to be in harmony with truth, to express love, in all its beauty and grandeur, wonderment and joy. So, you are challenged, challenged by the conditions of your mind, as is every soul upon this planet. Yet, as you break free and find your liberation, your joyful recognition of God and yourselves, you set before others an example, a powerful example of love, of God’s great Love and Grace for you beloved souls and for all of humanity.

God sends His angels to help you in this regard and you walk in this light and benefit greatly from the Grace of God. I tell you, beloveds, you will break the patterns. You will rise above the human condition. You will recognize the truth fully within you. As you continue to grow in the Love as this great Love continues to burn brighter within you and work its beautiful chemistry of healing and teaching, changing you, it must happen and the less you resist the quicker will be the results. Be prayerful, beloved souls. Allow yourselves the great gift of liberating the shackles of your mind from your consciousness and living in this world in a new way in the wonderful reality of God. As you do this, many gifts will come and will be granted, the gifts that you long for, beloved souls. The ways in which you see you may be used and work in the flow of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity will come to fruition and will be in harmony with God’s Will, given that you may approach this work through the eyes and wisdom of your own souls.

Indeed, with this simple exercise that was given you, see that there are barriers still but not so much strong and intractable barriers but ones that can indeed be removed by God’s Touch of Love, by the help of the angels and by your own willing desire to change. All will come as you move forward and move forward you must, for the world needs those who are willing to enact the truth in their lives. Are you willing, beloved souls? Not only you of this group of seven but all who proclaim the Truth of God’s Love. Are you willing to truly live this Love, not in half measure, not in three quarters measure but in full measure? Are you willing to live in this way? This is the challenge, beloved souls. This is what God deeply desires from each of His children and this is what will truly change the world. For you cannot bring forth a gift, however remarkable it is, without truly being an example of the truth. These fruits cannot be tainted by conditions that still live within you but cannot and of course, the caveat as always, it is your choice.

May you choose well my beloved friends. May you choose light always, seek ever higher for the truth and live more fully with each day this Truth of Love. God and His angels will respond accordingly for your choice is all powerful. Your intentions give or take away from these goals. Always keep within you, intentions for the highest, to be a channel of God’s Love and Truth, to walk upon the Divine Path and seek to serve your brothers and sisters with humility and strength, grace and beauty, and this will manifest as you continue to grow in His Love.

May God bless you always, beloved, beloved friends and keep you upon this path firmly, resolutely, with deep focus upon what must come and be within you and what must come and be expressed and flow from you and through you. May God bless you beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and I love you deeply and I am with you often. As you navigate this world, know that the angels accompany you always, that God’s Hand surely rests upon you. God bless you. God bless you, my beloveds.