Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Maureen Cardoso
Location: West Vancouver, BC
Date: July 30, 2018

My beloved students, I am Augustine.  I wish to talk about the awakening soul.  By receiving the great gift of Divine Love upon your souls the condition of your soul changes, a cleansing happens.  Those conditions that once enveloped and were stuck upon your soul begin to dislodge and lift off.  This then, this space in the soul is replaced by the Love of God and remains forever more.  As one continues to come to prayer yearning at a soul level, offering a heartfelt invitation for this extraordinary healing gift of God’s Love to enter into their souls, an accumulation happens.  With this accumulation, drop by drop, the soul begins to awaken.

There are many of you here who are experiencing this awakening of your soul, this deeper awareness that you have of this other part of you, this true part of you. You are recognizing the difference between soul and mind and this will continue to grow and deepen.  There will come a time that in the awakening of your soul there is such a strength, this love that emanates and has been gifted by God and resides in your soul, it has a yearning and a desire to be expressed and to share this love.  Your souls begin to have a more prominent voice in you.  As this happens there can be a resistance from your material mind as the material mind is not exactly sure what its new position may be.  Yet, the love of your soul has the capacity also, to comfort your mind and to release it from feelings of anxiousness or wonderings what is happening within the body.  A harmonization begins to awaken between these two very strong parts of you as the soul develops in this Love of God. Allow this to happen, my beloveds.  Allow your souls to awaken by the grace of God’s great gift of Divine Love and give your souls a voice.  Allow your soul to come forth and to share its wisdom, its truths and gifts.  Share these many aspects with the world, for this is what the world needs, the world needs more loving individuals, souls filled with the grace of God’s Love.  It is by the great Light in your soul that change is made, this change is made within you and around you.

As you grow with greater strength to be able to trust your soul, to know your soul, you walk differently in the world.  You see with the eyes of your soul-love, you speak with the words of your soul-love, you touch with the gentleness of your soul in love.  A soul blessed deeply by the grace of God has an ability to love all.  There is a great sense of peace within that individual, a great sense of strength.  For there is a knowing that their union with their beloved Creator is so deep that this relationship has been nurtured, they have put their time and their attention to developing this bond with the One who has created them.  This my beloveds, is what you are all walking toward, carrying this most gracious Essence in you and allowing it to affect every part of your life, every part of your being. As you keep yearning and receiving this Love, this grace will be yours, to love everything.  Your response will be love. It will be a most freeing time in your life.  As you move through the tests and the challenges, continue to take these to God, continue to bring them to the hand and to the feet of God asking, longing, yearning to have that place in you healed, to have your soul healed.

It is wonderful to see you here together in prayer bringing such a great power to your earth, drawing in many from spirit side who are curious, who also are beginning to yearn, giving them an opportunity to observe this great light that is generated by the yearning to receive God’s Love.

I thank you for your time allowing me to come and share with you what we see, the awakenings of your souls.  These are exciting times. Much is changing and much is shifting.  All becomes right with the Love of God.  God bless you each. I love you. I am your teacher, Augustine.  God bless you.