Spirit: John the Beloved

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: October 19, 2015

I am John and I love you. You are enfolded by your Heavenly Father, my beloveds. He carries you in this world and He lifts you above the conditions of this world to that place of Light and communion. He lights your way and He meets your every need, my beloveds, and all because you are willing to be open to Him, all because you are prayerful and longing for His Love. And this is given in abundance, this is given in a mighty flow that cascades upon you and over you, through you and within you; it cascades in mighty rivers and waters of Love sweeping you away upon the Path Divine, ever closer to His fountainhead of Love; it carries you and you are upheld.

Beloved souls, continue to trust and have faith in your Heavenly Father, for Him to guide you in all things, and protect you as you walk in this world, and show you the way to serve Him in Love. Every soul has a unique purpose; every soul is unique in their gifts and perceptions and understanding of God, and you must honor this, my beloveds. Honor every soul as God’s unique creation, His beloved child, His beauty, His flower in His garden. And as you honor and love and accept and embrace another, you allow God’s Love to flow and to touch that soul and ignite the desire for this blessing in another.

You have come to that place, my beloveds, of truly knowing this, a place of deep faith and a Light of Love within your souls. And so you continue to walk this Path as God’s instruments, as God’s agents of change, as God’s channels of Love. You will continue to be led upon this Path, to journey in this world, to touch many souls as God lays before you those opportunities to be of service, to follow His Will, to teach this Truth of Love through your very beings in all that you do and all that you are. So much flows through you and you are not really aware of what that is. But indeed we who are with you see this, and support you in this, and accompany you upon your journey, and use you as God’s instrument as God uses us, a chain of Light ever expanding and flowing, touching many souls.

Beloved, beloved children, do you know how beautiful you are? How wonderful is your creation, your unique being that God has ignited in this world, in His loving touch to bring the gift of you into creation, into this world, this beautiful Light. Follow your yearnings, follow the true desires of your soul and be in alignment with God’s Will and the journey shall be full and rich, alive and wondrous. Beloved souls, continue, continue. You are loved and shall always be as God carries you along your Path of Love. God bless you. I am John the Beloved and I love you truly and deeply. God bless you.