Spirit: Augustine

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: October 19, 2015

The Path has been set. All that is required is for you to follow. Follow with your eyes open, your hearts ablaze with Love, the wisdom of your souls informing every step that you take. How can you walk together other than in Love and acknowledge the deep commitment that you all carry, the deep Love that you share that has been built over many  years and your feelings of being a part of one another as you have prayed together many, many times basking in the Father’s Love and Light? Trust one another, my beloveds. Release your fears and walk in Love, the Love that shines in your eyes as you gaze upon your brothers and sisters in Love and appreciation for the beauty that is within them as you share this common desire to serve God, to walk in Light, to be a channel of Love for others.

You are truly a part of one another and this shall never be severed but shall continue to grow as you walk on the Divine Path day by day, year by year. And as you go for all eternity upon this Path of Love you will look back upon these days and say, these are the days which we learned to love, to truly love one another and all our brothers and sisters in this world, for all are challenged in the same way in this world. The barriers to Love are universal, merely demarcated in degrees. You must overcome these inner conditions to release them, to be free and walk in joy and the true knowledge that your Heavenly Father guides you upon the Path, in service.

You will find your way and you are finding your way, my beloveds. There is nothing to fear, only to rejoice in the sure knowledge that God’s Hand surely rests upon you and guides you. Beloved souls, I am pleased with your progress and your willingness to step aside from that human condition and reach for something higher and more powerful in the Love and Light. I am very pleased and I love you, beloved, beautiful souls. Beloved and beautiful souls, God bless you. Your teacher Augustine continues to stand by your side and nurture you as you grow within your souls and find your way along this Path. Beloveds, God bless you. God bless you.