Spirit: Mary

Medium: Al Fike

Location: West Vancouver, BC

Date: October 12, 2015

I am Mary and I love you, my beloveds. I acknowledge that each one here is a channel of Love in the world. Each one brings this Light wherever they go in this world. And God has His Hand firmly upon you, my beloveds, as you go upon your journeys, as you face the obstacles before you, as you grow in the Love, as you teach others and nurture others, as you follow the desires of your souls and the Will of God. You walk in this Light and God will lead you through any obstructions upon the Path and will use you to bring Light and harmony in this world.

There is much for you to do, my beloveds, for every day brings great opportunities, every day God guides you to where He desires you to go, and every day you grow within your souls as His Love flows within. Continue upon your journeys, strengthen your faith by receiving the Father’s Love. Open your eyes with this Gift of Love and be that channel of Love wherever you go, for God’s Will is this, that you be His channels of Love. Reach out to the lost souls, speak out to those who ask for Truth, embrace those in pain and touch the children, my beloveds, with Love.

God bless you, I am Mary and I am with you often, my beloveds. I am with you when you struggle and I am with you when you ride that wave of Love in the world. I am with you in your prayers and I am with you to influence and guide you upon your paths. Beloveds, I love you dearly. I am Mary and I will walk with you always, beloveds. God bless you.